Monday, March 14, 2011

Redecorating. Again.

One of the side effects of being a full-time mom (I refuse to use the term "stay at home mom" because it isn't accurate and has a connotation of laziness to boot), is that I spend hours a day contemplating my surroundings. And I am never satisfied.

Don't worry! I'm not going to be painting anything again ever. (Until maybe next month. No. No. Stop me. Don't let me paint!)

This time I'm getting a piano. Well, I'm TRYING to get a piano, but so far all I'm doing is scaring myself on craigslist and driving all over looking at gross old out of tune pianos in old ladies' parlors. (fun fact: autocorrect does NOT like the word 'parlors' and keeps changing it to 'paroles.' What does this say about autocorrect, hmmmmm?)

(Also: my thumbs hurt.)

(Where was I?)

Pianos. I want one. But I don't want an ugly one. I don't want a fancy one. I don't want one with stuck keys or one that is so out of tune it is impossible to fix. And so help me God I do not want a yellow one with that 1970s look.

(omg. Mobile blogging is hard! My thumbs are cramping up!)

Long story short. Family room is becoming piano room. And
I sold the snot-covered couches to some poor schmuck who is in for a nice viral surprise! And now I'm measuring and moving things and going to every furniture store in town (again)....and I've come to a rather sad observation. I think re-decorating is my hobby.

(Toodles! Gotta save my thumbs for future piano playing.)


Angie said...

I'm not a sahm (which I prefer to full time mom, because that would imply that I'm only in this parenting thing part-time,) but I'm still constantly considering how I should decorate. I'm not actually doing any decorating, though.

My dad bought an old painted piano for my sister. She practiced in the garage for two years, while he stripped the paint and finished it. It was never in tune. Glad to see you back on blogging.

joanna said...

How exciting! I love my piano. I wish we had a better place for it. I'd love a piano room. I love to play the same pieces over and over. We got it in AK with some PDF money one year. Never had it tuned yet since it left the store. Feels like admitting I haven't taken my dog for shots to say that in a way. Growing up my parents bought ours from a church for $100 or something crazy. Don't think it was in tune either. Hope you find it soon!!

Erin said...

I really love this idea. I grew up with a piano, as did my husband, and yet we're musically challenged, to put it nicely. I would love to have a piano AND someone who has a natural talent for it in the house.

Joel and Angela said...

I am right there with you!!!! I rearranged our piano room last week THREE times and it ended up being just like it was before I moved all the furniture around. The amazing thing...I am so strong when Joel isn't around!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad that you weren't ready for a piano when we were trying to get rid of an excess one ten years ago. (But just as well that you didn't have to move it to -- and from -- Alaska!) It went to another, no doubt deserving, family. In the confusion of figuring out how to move it out the door, however, we forgot to give them the piano bench. If you would like to have it, let me know before we put it on e-Bay.
(Great) Aunt Linda