Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lone Star State of Mind

Well, I took my homesick ass back to Austin for a couple was wonderful.

It was worth the delayed/full/crack ass of dawn standby flights. It was worth the fun back spasm I have. It was worth the kids eating way too much sugar and staying up way to late and not napping. Worth it!

While I have memories of visiting my grandparents and canoeing, fishing, swimming, going out in the woods, my kids are going to have memories of going to my parents' house and EATING OUt!

Hell yes! I'm not going to beat around the bush, the restaurants where we live suck. They just suck. Bland food. Boring food. Big chains. No Tex Mex.

So, whenever I'm in Austin I am on a mission: eat out four meals a day! Gain five pounds! Drink yummy margaritas on the rocks with salt! Eat outside! Tamales! Enchiladas! Queso! Ribs! Breakfast tacos!


The kids actually do lots of other fun things besides eating way too much and needing elastic waisted pants.

My dad got up with them every morning while I slept off my Enchilada hangovers.

They made two pies (blueberry and apple) and they had real tea every morning--complete with real china tea cups and china tea pot and creamer and sugar bowl.

I stood on this dock and just soaked in the sunshine.

I took a deep breath and felt the laid back, quirky atmosphere of Austin. I thought about the crazy hustle and bustle of the east coast.

I realized I just need to learn to take more deep breaths wherever I am.

I need to put on an ill-fitting dress- up dress and an Australian hat, grab a stein of beer and just take a walk.


joanna said...

I think wearing an Australian hat and holding a beer stein would make anyone breathe deeply. I love it. And that first picture of Becca holding the paper cup is gorgeous. She's a beauty! (and I really hope your back is feeling better!!)

Bevo said...

Fastest trip ever and loved every second! Good thing you know how to pack it all in!