Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seriously. How does anyone live in TEXAS?

My November through April homesickness for the Lone Star State has been replaced with a homesickness for a freezer where I can crawl in and die. It is hot as blazes out here. And I, for one, am not sure I like it. I mean, I LOVE that it is finally summer. I love that it isn't winter. I love that I can go to the store in a sundress and flip flops. I love the sun. I love the green grass. I love planting annuals and tomato plants. I love evenings on the deck after sundown. I love kids on a slip n slide. I love the smell of sunscreen. I love getting a tan (except on my face where I wear nothing less than 110 SPF). I love the slower pace. I love mornings at the pool. I love all of it. But, DAYUM....a 105 heat index? SERIOUSLY? In MAY? Holy Jesus. How did I ever live in Texas all those years? It is like a freaking nightmare to go outside.

It may just be the east coast humidity that is the killer......but I think I'm totally not used to such heat. I have to be completely submerged in water just to survive. I'm like an amphibian. But I am still happier to be a sweating frog than a freezing bear hibernating. Definitely.


Jen said...

I think it's crazy that the east coast is hotter than here right now. Today it's ... warm. Ish. It's only like 90. Yesterday we were freezing - 68! Hope it cools down for you.

Bevo said...

I think your're right that the east coast is more humid than where you grew up in Texas.

Lost in Space said...

danger Will Robinson