Monday, August 29, 2011

The year school didn't start

I'm waiting. Will the school district call? Will the first day of school be postponed again? I kinda need to know. If tomorrow is indeed going to happen I need to be making dinner. And bathing my kids.

If it's going to be postponed again I need to continue stressing out over just who the he'll can watch my 2-year old while I attend gradual entry. I also need to be drinking a margarita at my friend's house while the kids run crazy outside all evening and go (yet another day) without bathing.

So which is it?

Hurricane Irene knocked power out in our area. Ours is back on, but many are without. It also knocked down our back neighbor's big tree which really fucking sucks because now I'm looking at a shed and houses rather than beautiful green leaves. Poor me. Wah.

So this all leaves me immobilized. Do I do something? Go somewhere?

Continue drinking my emergency hurricane supplies from the iced down cooler? Throw me a bone here, people.

****update: no school again! The year of the never ending summer!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up. Here in Anne Arundel, the kids were back to school. In the meantime, though, my kids had gotten used to a lawless life of running through the community streets skanky dirty while Mommy and Daddy ate cupboard scraps and drank beers on the sidewalk with the other responsible parents. I made my kids take a cold shower last night by candlelight. We'll all be practiced for the next hurricane on its way, right :) ????

~Jenny in MD