Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm a Mess

I just deleted about 3,465 photos off my iPhone and transferred them to my external hard drive. All the best stuff was in those photos. All the funny stuff, all the daily stuff. Too bad they are all blurry and un-blow-up-able.

I deleted about 100 pictures of MESSES. Messes in my house. Why did I delete those? Because they are atrocious.

Damn though. I should have shown you. I am scared you would judge me, but damn! There is some crazy ass messy shit that goes on with kids.

Just realized I can still get them off Photostream. And hey! Look at all those photos that I WANT deleted that are STILL on Photostream. And why can't I delete them? Apple, I love you, but sometimes you really make some confusing shit. I. Do. Not. Get. The. Cloud. Well, I GET it, in theory, but in practice I can't seem to access it with ease or delete shit from it. 

So, lucky readers! You get to see the crazy ass messes. Why do I do this? I'll tell you why.  I do it as a complicated procrastination process. Because when I stumble into a room to see a giant overwhelming mess I don't FEEL like cleaning it right away. I have to process it first. So I take a pic and text it to Tracy and then we discuss who has a messier house and who feels least like cleaning and I get to procrastinate about it for a while.  So, in no particular order:

 Someone was instructed to clean out her artwork drawers. That was a fun battle.

  Guess I can't blame it all on the kids.....See the caulk on the back of the toilet? That's been in there for four months. Must. Caulk. Shower.

I threw all the contents of the hall closet on the floor and then re-organized it. 

 Just daily shit.

 Yes. That's our bed. Yes, that's a shit load of laundry.

 The table is too messy so I just moved to the floor, Mom!

I dumped the entire pantry contents out. Are you getting my system?

 Here we have procrastination at it's worst. I took this pic and texted it and discussed it for WAY longer than it would have taken to just DO THOSE DISHES.

Then, eventually I clean it up and take a photo. I love a transformation. Its like watching an episode of Hoarders. Before and After. Love that shit.
Hall closet "AFTER"

Pantry AFTER

I just feel calmer looking at the AFTER photos. Don't you? In fact, I may just sit here and stare at them instead of getting up and dealing with the giant mess behind me in the play room.


Swistle said...

I do love before-and-afters. *happy sigh*

Angie said...

I love that you are sharing your mess photos. I have taken more photos in my classroom than my home this year, plenty of messes. Crap piled on my desk. The difference is that I couldn't see the top of my desk for weeks.

Welcome back!

Susan said...

I miss your blogging, too! And I don't think it counts as a REAL mess if you just take everything out to make it super clean later in the day!

Bevo said...

Love, love the messes!