Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Random, Out of date, Misfiled Photos

In 2012, Rebecca started horseback riding. She LOVES it. Here she is with good ol' reliable Wednesday.

I am still singing with Choral Arts. I love it. But, it is getting harder to keep doing it with kids' schedules growing quickly!

Last month we went to Jamaica and stayed at Beaches Ocho Rios. A family-centered all-inclusive resort. It was kind of like being on a stationary cruise ship. Not exactly the peaceful kind of beach vacay we love, but the kids were thrilled and it was SO LUXURIOUS to be out in the warmth in the middle of January.

My sister came back from her year-long jaunt around the world. Hooray!

Rebecca in Williamsburg about two years ago.
This was in 2011.

Gingerbread house 2011

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