Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Turning the Page

I'm not going to talk about illness today. I'm not going to talk about antibiotics. And, I'm definitely not going to talk about the lack of sleep going on around here and how Becca wakes up all night long and really enjoys screaming from 2 to 3 a.m. I won't even talk about how our car is due for emissions testing today and the Check Engine light is on and it won't pass and I can't take it because we have to go back to the doctor's office today to do another urine sample. No. I am not going to discuss those things. Instead I am going to post some pictures from the last week or so.

Fireside Chats with Grandpa

The Sibs

Quite possibly the most revolting food on the planet.
Deep fried Twinkie. I couldn't even taste it due to a big gag reflex!

The Fam

Fun with Nana

When Candy Canes Attack! (It was stuck to her face and hair!)

Aunt Susan is a Guitar Hero!

Wait! Grandpa is a REAL Guitar Hero (with groupies! Happy Birthday, Will!)

Checking out Papa and Gee Gee's light display!

Cousin Kate and Sickly Becca

Fabulous, Daahhhhling

Merry Christmas, Gee Gee!

Wait. Maybe it wasn't such a Merry Christmas.

I meant Exhausting Christmas!

I'm starting to feel better.....

Happy New Year! We celebrated by opening our Christmas gifts!
Better late than never, right?


Tracy said...

What cracks me up..You remembered your camera and took pictures while at the ER. I love that. I can't seem to remember to take pictures during any event anymore let alone documenting mulitiple ER visits. A true blogger! Good luck at the doctor.

Katie said...

It was my mother-in-law's camera! She brought it after the THIRD medical appointment! It was just so pitiful we had to document it.....I go the length for my blog! :)

bevo said...

Love the photo of the sibs.

Marie Green said...

Except for the photographic proof of the ER, it LOOKS like a Merry Christmas. Glad to see there were a few happy times.

Hope poor Becca is feeling better!

Jen said...

1. We have those same pink jammies in the last picture. Kate wants to wear them every night.

2. Hope you get some sleep and Becca feels better pronto!

susan said...

katie, can you please send me some of those photos? thanks!

The Quinn Report said...

Man, my heart hurts for Becca. Seriously, just looking at her all sick in the doctors office sent chills down my body. What a Christmas buzz kill that had to have been.

Glad to see a smile on her face opening the present!