Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adventure Quest

It feels like my whole life was spent changing, moving, re-adjusting, settling in, having a big life event, and then re-doing it all again. Zigging and zagging, constantly changing. Nothing staying the same. Going off to college, transferring to another college, getting married. Moving, moving. Moving again. To a border town in Texas, to Alaska, to New England, to Las Vegas, to Korea, back to Alaska. Having a baby. Leaving the Air Force, moving to the East Coast. Having another baby. Adjusting. And....then....now we have been settled here for almost 6 years. HOLY SHIT. 6 YEARS!!!! And it is kind of just......a straight road. Not a whole lot of changes. Here come the tulips in the same place as last year. Oh. I guess it has been two years since we had the deck stained. I think that is partially why I haven't been as active blogging. Things have evened out. We have a definite rhythm that we never had before. It is good. I wonder if the robins will return and lay eggs again this spring? Look how big that rosemary plant has gotten. It is good. And it is boring.

I'm in a loop:

Every fall I get all anxious about all the fall events, holidays, birthdays, Mommy crap. I have a near anxiety melt-down over pulling off a perfect stress-free Christmas.

And then every January I get on here and bitch about winter and wanting to go to Texas.  And for all of February every year I am on realty websites picking out our new house in Texas. Every other post for the past few years has been about how homesick I am for Texas.

And then every spring I decide it is beautiful and great here.

And then every summer we travel all over and do a million things and generally love life.

And then every late summer I grumble about when is school going to start and why do I live so far from my family.

Repeat. Repeat.

Is this normal?  My mother in law says I'm restless. Maybe that is all it is.

I feel like it just brings on middle age so fast. Everything is so predictable. I want to pull the kids out of school, sell the house, rent an RV, buy a homeschool curriculum and just GO. Be adventurous.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Fall 2012 Photos

Random, Out of date, Misfiled Photos

In 2012, Rebecca started horseback riding. She LOVES it. Here she is with good ol' reliable Wednesday.

I am still singing with Choral Arts. I love it. But, it is getting harder to keep doing it with kids' schedules growing quickly!

Last month we went to Jamaica and stayed at Beaches Ocho Rios. A family-centered all-inclusive resort. It was kind of like being on a stationary cruise ship. Not exactly the peaceful kind of beach vacay we love, but the kids were thrilled and it was SO LUXURIOUS to be out in the warmth in the middle of January.

My sister came back from her year-long jaunt around the world. Hooray!

Rebecca in Williamsburg about two years ago.
This was in 2011.

Gingerbread house 2011

Random 2012 Photos

 In a desperate last ditch documentation attempt, here are some unsorted, random photos from last year.

John deployed again and came home in the summer.

 In March we took a family trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. We LOVED it. It was the best little vacation we have ever taken as a foursome....

 We also took a quick trip out to Deep Creek Lake. We fished and tubed and boated and water-skiied. Total fun!

 On the way out to Minnesota, the kids and I had a quick overnight in Chicago where we met up with my college friend, NK. It was HOT HOT HOT in Chicago that day!

 Rebecca did horseback riding camp and won to ribbons in a mock horse show, including first place for trotting. Here she is with Silver (the pony's name).

 John flew in the airshow in Chicago and I was able to join him for a fun weekend!

 Rebecca's first day of 1st grade. Andrew's first day at a new preschool.

Andrew's 4th Birthday party prep....