Thursday, May 29, 2008

Signs of Summer

Strawberries are ripe for picking! Especially when you go with good friends, who hold your hands and teach you how to stop picking the green ones (Tracy's daughters are berry picking veterans.)Fresh picked strawberries are great for eating, straight off the pesticide covered plants and especially if you first drop them in the dirt and squish them with your shoe. Becca never had any strawberries in her bucket. They went straight from plant to mouth. I swear to God, the girl ate about 85 strawberries in the short time we were out there. I totally scammed those poor farmers. When they weighed the strawberries in my container and charged me, I sort of laughed inside at the other pound that went unpaid. Also, headbands are Becca's new obsession. She will not wear anything else in her hair, and she often insists on wearing two--one placed directly across the middle of her forehead. After loading up on fresh, local produce, I promptly went home and made what was fresh and healthy into something frozen and processed with Cool Whip (How is it possible to love Cool Whip this much? How?) *******
I have two major, major goals this summer....things I have been dreading since before Becca was even conceived. I am procrastinating on both for the longest possible time, because......Dread. Doom. Gloom. God help us all.

Goal One: Potty train Becca. Normally I wouldn't be concerned about this, but my child apparently thinks the toilet is the devil incarnate. She is adamant about NOT wanting to do it. My dad bought her an innocuous little potty chair at his house in Texas and she burst into tears at the sight of it. I think I permanently screwed her up sometime during this timeframe. Like, seriously screwed her up. She is going to be 13 and still going in diapers, and I won't be able to leave my house due to the shame of it all. I'll be huddled around a small portable potty, sobbing into it, muttering "Why? Why? Why?" She has to be potty trained to go to preschool in September. The same month we should be having another member of the household arrive. DAMMIT. This is pressure I DO NOT NEED!!!!

Goal Two: Move her to big girl bed and convince her never to get out of the bed without permission (HARDY HAR HAR HAR HAR.) We have at least made a step in the right direction, as we had this delivered and set up today. I told her she can't sleep in it until Mommy gets coordinating curtains and a quilt. Sorry, honey! Mommy is OCD and you can't move into your room until it is all matchy matchy! I am looking on Ebay for a Pottery Barn Kids pattern (Ava in lavender), namely because it matches the wall color and I AM NOT REPAINTING. I'm not that OCD. Sorry, kid. You are getting a blue/gray bedroom because I am way too damn lazy to do anything about it.
(But, isn't it still cute and girly?)


Tracy said...

I love the bedding. The best part about the trundle? When she is sick, the sickness stays in her room. If you have to sleep with her, just pop out the trundle. She doesn't have to be in your bed!

Anonymous said...

Potty Training from the olden days:

1. M & M's in cup on back of toilet.

2. No M & M's unless pee is in potty.

3. Instant training!!

PS: Brush and Floss. :-)

Love, Grammy Bonnie from the olden days

Andrea & Ben said...

YUM!! I want to pick my own berries - fun! Sounds like Becca has the right idea ;0)

ashley said...

Love her new bed! Where did you get that?

I have the same 2 goals as you right now..........not fun!

The Smith's said...

It is girlie and cutie! I love it. I looks like something I would also pick out. Becca will potty train. I promise.

Good luck.

The Smith's said...

and cute... not cutie. There I go again, fingers moving faster than the brain can process

Ann said...

Ok Becca is so stinkin' cute it makes me want to have a 3rd and hope to get a girl...

She will potty train. We used a sticker chart with JD and when he filled the chart there was a great reward, something he really liked and wanted like a new toy car or a ball perhaps new headbands for Becca???

Somehow when we moved JD to his big boy bed we did too good of a job teaching him not to get out with out permission and now he won't get out to go potty in the middle of the night... so guess who has to get up... yeah fun!

Good luck!

Natalie said...

M&M's did NOTHING for Liv. In fact, bribing, in general, didn't do a thing. Dancing and jumping up and down helped a bit. The rest she did on her own when she was ready.

This summer, I'm throwing cheap cotton dresses on Lila and just letting her run around in the yard with the potty on the porch. Some kids don't mind peeing on themselves. Some do. I hope Lila minds. I've heard that's how parents get their kids trained in Hawaii. Let them run around naked or in dresses with no underwear in the yard. They train young. Worth a try, I guess...I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, strawberry picking. Memories...

Erin said...

Those photos of the three girls all holding hands is PRICELESS. I would totally frame that for Becca's new room.

Also, what IS it about all the big kid beds lately? First Tessie, now you! The pressure is ON. I am still waiting until after our family vacation in June, when I need Cal to still sleep in a crib, but then I'm going to have to pony up and move him out of the baby bed. ARG! I want bars on that child's cage for as long as possible.

Jen said...

I like the color of her bedroom! It's nice and neutral and you can change accent colors easily.

Good luck with potty training. We still have not had luck here. M&Ms, jelly beans and sticker books be damned.

Lysandra said...

Michael was on the local news last month for berry picking. He loved it. Blackberries are in season next here. Mikey is on the way to potty training too. He won't pee in there but he will poop. Your post makes me glad Mikey moved to a big boy bed at 18 months.

Angie said...

That is the bed I want/ed to get Ashlyn. I still think we'll get something like that, when we get back to the states. Once we moved Ashlyn to a toddler bed, she was easier to travel. She would go to sleep in other beds or a pallet on the floor. She didn't have too difficult of a transition at night, but nap time became bad.

I love the headbands. Has Becca's hair grown out of the "hacking?" It looks like it is all one length now. Cute.