Friday, August 29, 2008

More From the Belly Files

God. I am so sorry this blog has turned into The Pregnancy Chronicles. But DAMN. That is all that is going on. Seriously. In a while it will just turn into The Oh My God I Have Two Kids What Am I Going To Do Insanity Chronicles, so enjoy it while you can.

The doctor says I probably only have "a couple weeks left" based on some effacement and other things going on "down there," if you know what I mean, and I think you do. So, the compulsion to Get Things Done has ramped up significantly. Yesterday I made four different casseroles to freeze: King Ranch Chicken, Angela's Chicken Divan, Beefy/Tomato/Cheesey Mac and Chicken Tetrazzini.

And I'm itching to go add Shepherd's Pie to the mix but John isn't letting me. He is making me sit. But I can't contain myself. There is too much TO DO! The potatoes are begging to be peeled! Ohmigod...stop yelling at me, potatoes. I hear you. I'll be RIGHT THERE!

So that is going on. That and some serious potty training regression (Becca just peed on John). Oh, and a whole lot of NOT sleeping at night, thanks to a certain 2.5 year old who has decided it would be fun to wake up and scream FOUR TIMES A FREAKING NIGHT for NO APPARENT REASON! She is just reminding me what is ahead. But she better stop this, or at least figure out a way to get on the newborn's schedule at some point so I don't have one kid waking me up one hour and the other kid the next. Or I'll be on the first train to Crazy Town, population: Me.


mol said...

I'm happy for you that it's almost over. Remember from Becca: after the baby arrives, anything that you left undone never seems important. :)

Can't WAIT to hear if it's a boy or girl.

Sioux said...

HAHA...she peed on John (sorry John, it's funny--can't stop the laughs).

I can't wait to hear about what her antics are when she has to compete with the new baby for attention.

Hopefully they won't drive you completely over the edge ;)

The Quinn Report said...

No, I'll be part of the Crazy Town population too! Actually, I think I'm already there. What is it with children regressing? I don't get it. Salem all of a sudden doesn't want to feed herself and insists on either Andrew or I feeding her every bite. WTF is right! She was also doing a great job potty training and has sense then made a turn for the worst. Again, WTF is right! Can't our kids just be PERFECT????????
Lets just put them in the room together, lock the door, and drink a few months!

Tracy said...

you make me laugh. I remember that sense of urgency the last couple of weeks. You have to make it through at least the next week so you can get Becca to school. Consider Renee and I on alert (should it be in the middle of the night or whenever) If John is not there, this lead foot will get you there! Ah, do you have directions?

Katie said...

WHOO! I made the sheperd's pie and took a nap. Nothing like productivity!

Lysandra said...

Hahaha...Have you made really big changes other than traveling? That causes can the fact that she knows another baby is on the way. Kids are smarter than you think. They get that there is a baby in the tummy and that it's going to live with them. My niece is going to be a big sister and now wants my sister in law to feed her.

Angie said...

Ashlyn gets too busy sometimes to go to the potty. Or, she'll wait until the last possible minute, so that she makes it into the bathroom, but not on the toilet. I got mad Sunday, because she peed less than an hour after I'd mopped. I don't usually get mad, but at least TRY to get there. She wasn't even concerned about doing it, just said "I pee-peed" and kept looking the drawer.

Two was not as bad as I thought it would be. Swear.

sgtsharp said...

Oh I've rode on the crazy train lots of times.It does get better before it gets worse, again.
So how many of John's troops wanted to take a leak on him when he was in the Air Force. I know I wanted to that to some of my officers when I was in the Marines.

Jen said...

Oh, I KNOW. That last month is a bitch, isn't it? I wrote many a post last January about being DONE DONE DONE already with pregnancy.

I hope the last few weeks go well for you, and that your labor will be easy. =)

Also cannot wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl.