Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Baaaaa-aaack

Becca and I came dragging home last night around midnight. I would complain about the return flight in my usual dramatic fashion except that it was the best airline flight EVER. We were on standby and when I got to the airport I was told there were zero seats available, but to just hang around for a while. Then, they called our names. When I went up to the podium the guy said, "She's going to have to be quiet (pointing at Becca) because we're putting you in first class." (And, this airline doesn't allow children under 8 in first class).

My first reaction was "HELL YEA! BRING ON THE CHAMPAGNE!" My second thought was, "Holy shit. How do you keep a 2 year old quiet? And I can't have any champagne."

So, there I was in first class, getting served beef teriyaki and caramel cheesecake on glass plates and trying desperately to keep my child "quiet." I actually thought she was doing a great job, but the flight attendant came over during the safety features portion and told Becca to pipe down. I pulled out all the stops and all the surprise toys I had stashed for the trip and hadn't given her yet. Thank God I made that last minute Target run for small presents and treats! Becca did really well. I was very proud of her, especially considering the entire flight took place after her bedtime and she never did sleep on the the plane. She was up for hours and behaved really well.

First class is like a whole other country. It is all quiet and peaceful. In fact, it is almost downright silent up there. There is no one kicking your seat back or leaning their seat back into your abdomen. No screaming children. Well, maybe one. But still. It is like paradise up there. The flight attendant practically takes off your shoes and gives you a damn foot massage instead of yelling at you and snottily telling you that the soft drinks cost 2 dollars (I'm looking at you, USAirways.)

As it always is when I return home, the house is covered in suitcases and detritus spilling out of suitcases and dirty laundry, and my photos are all piling up on my memory card and needing some culling, the medical bills are still rolling in and piling up on the counter and I am behind in everything. I mean, everything. My pre-baby to-do list is massive and overwhelming. But, somehow I'm too exhausted to deal with any of it. So, here I sit. Watching gymnastics and drinking hot tea (hoping it brings on some kind of miracle tomorrow at my choir audition.)

I'm also kind of in a mini-freak out over the fact that the next time I attempt air travel, it will most likely be with two children. But I won't think about that right now. I'll think about our trip instead.

We had a wonderful time in Minnesota and I took approximately 617,243 photos. Eventually I will post some here [see also: behind on everything.] But for now......a quick story: When my sister, Susan, found out she was going to be an aunt, she said she didn't want to be called "Aunt Susan." She wasn't sure why, but she just didn't like the sound of that title. So, for a while we called her "Non-aunt Susan" but that was kind of retarded and too hard to say. Last year Becca's pronunciation of "Susan" was "Oooh-Foo." That one is kind of sticking. I wonder if she might wish for "Aunt Susan" afterall.

Here are Becca and "Ooh-Fooh" with the catches of the day.


The Quinn Report said...

Wow, sounds like a smooth sailing trip!

I can't wait to see more of the 617,346 (or something like that) photos you took!

Tracy said...

I am so happy. It is so lonely here without you!

Lysandra said...

It is a different world in first class...if I can I fly first class every time. It's never as good in coach.

Anonymous said...

I flew first class once -- bringing Jonathan back from Colombia, because those were the only seats available at the moment and I was really, really anxious to go home.

In re: Ooh-foo. That must be the feminine equivalent of Awhf Wah.

(Great) Aunt Linda

Jen said...

First class rocks! Good for you. And I'm amazed that Becca was able to keep quiet for that long. I'm sure we would have been kicked out within 10 minutes.

Someday I will catch up on the rest of your blog...I hope. =)