Monday, September 29, 2008

Figuring It Out

We ventured out for the first time today. It was FINALLY sunny (I haven't seen the sun since Andrew was born) and we had to take advantage. Mom, Becca, Andrew and I went to the park and to the grocery store.

Taking two kids out is an adventure. One of them has to eat and poop every five minutes. One of them is needy for attention every five seconds and I am not sure how I'll ever manage to do it by myself. I went through every newborn diaper in my diaper bag during ONE diaper change. I guess he wasn't done. And he peed all over his own face (apparently you have to bring the washcloth/shield thing with you for it to work) and I ran out of wipes.

I did finally figure out the sling thing and was able to nurse while watching Becca on the playground and while pushing a grocery cart while Nana took Becca to the bathroom. would I have managed that alone? "Hold on, Becca, just let me lay the baby down here on the dirty bathroom floor while I lift you up on the potty....."

This brings us to a new game we've been playing:
How Many Adults Does it Take to ________ (insert activity)?

Today's edition: How Many Adults Does it Take to Take Two Kids to the Park and the Grocery Store?

Answer: four.

One to hold and nurse the baby.
One to entertain, chase and take toddler to the potty.
One to carry the purses, diaper bag and to push the grocery cart.
And, one to photograph the adventure.


joanna said...

Yay you! I hear it only gets easier - before it gets harder and then easier again - or something like that. I notice Becca has very little of the toddler bang left (as a big side note)... looks like a fun first outing!!

Jen said...

I swear trying to figure out how to take 2 kids somewhere on my own was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! I think I had trouble with it for the first few months, and then it started to get easier. I hope you will find your groove soon, and that your mom can stay for a long time!

sgtsharp said...

And when 1 of 'em are at Grampa & Gramdma's visiting one will seem like none. It'll piece of cake. Just wait till they get in skool and it'll take 45 mins to put on shoes and another 20 mins to brush teeth.

Meg said...

Haha! Yes, that's the good news! one does seem like none now! And oddly enough, it really doesn't seem to matter WHICH one, it's just so much easier with one of them! I think the key is realizing that neither of them really need as much as they think they do..kind of.

MaryB said...

Honestly - the jum p to two kids almost killed me ---- at first. (mostly it was the buckling two car seats and safely managing two kids in a parking lot that made me crazy)

You'll be surprised how quickly you wont be able to remember what it was like to only have one. You will settle into your new ways and routines so quickly. It will seem that Andrew has always been there.

He and Becca are SO. STINKIN. CUTE!!!

Andrea and Ben said...

I am in love with that little man! I keep looking at your blog even when the reader tells me there hasn't been anything new :0)

I imagine adjusting will be like you did with Becca. It will soon be like there wasn't ever life without him.

Tracy said...

It does get easier. Randy called our first outing (with 2 kids) like a three ring circus and we were the clown act. It was pretty funny to look back. Remember, Andrew is only 7 days old. He will end up on some kind of schedule and you will be able to juggle all of your errands around that. Looks as if you did a great job.

The Quinn Report said...

I can't believe your adventuring out already!!! My God, I'm looking forward to sitting my happy ass inside and not moving an inch for at least a week!

I can't get over all of Becca's beautiful blonde hair..she has a ton!

Natalie said...

Hooray for babywearing!

Babywearing made my transition from one to two much easier! I always had two hands to chase after my toddler.

Lila is so used to being worn, last night, as I was leaving to go out to dinner, she cried to go with me and said, "Mama, I go in the Ergo!"