Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I HATE

I am having the best time over at Tess's, laughing at the words she hates and all the commenters.

Here are the words I hate:

  • ointment
  • moist
  • packet
  • milk
  • massive societal overuse of the word "literally"
  • I hate the word "pickle" as applies to fighter pilots and dropping their bombs and especially hate it being applied to a woman and when she will have her baby (as in, "When is she going to pickle that baby!?")
John hates chewing, swallowing, eating or drinking noises. Like those commercials that show someone pouring a sparkling drink and then gulping it down? He practically crawls out of his skin.

I hate hearing people chew popcorn during the silences before a movie starts.

Speaking of movies, I hate that every movie has a pissing scene. Seriously. Every movie. I get that stuff happens when men are peeing, but do they HAVE to add the sound effect? Really? I mean, when we see someone standing with that pose, we don't really need the sounds to figure out what is going on.

What do you hate?


Grammy Bonnie said...

I hate "Quagmire".

I also hate March in Minnesota. Garrison Keillor says it was invented so that people who do not drink will know what a hangover feels like! We'll be heading to Texas.

Kristi said...

I loved Tess's post too. I kept going back all day to read the comments!

I'm with John. Drinking and chewing noises make my skin crawl. So gross. Especially the gulping. Ick.

bevo said...

I am literally snowed under with moist milk packets which are supposedly used as ointment for after-pickle care.

Katie said...

Bevo--AAA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!! Moist milk packets of ointment. GAH!

Angela said...

I know I have some....I'll get back to you on that.
But why "milk"?

Katie said...

It is just that lk combo sound. It makes me think of someone with a milk mustache and that clogged up nasty phlegm that comes from consuming dairy and saying "" is just EW!

Oh, also mucus. Gross.

Tracy said...

Chewing noises drive me NUTS (short trip right!)
You know the noise someone does right before they spit out crap in their throat? THat makes me gag when I hear it.
the word MUCUS! oh I just read the comments, you covered that one.

The korean squat

THe korean potties

(most of all) the KOREAN SMELL.

There are some more, but I am just procrastinating getting things done for the trip.

See you tomorrow. Still bringing Abby by after I drop Madison off if thats okay.

Angela said...

I got it!!! "DISCHARGE".
That took all day.

bevo said...

steak, hamburger, fajitas, roast beef, barbeque, Sooners...

sgtsharp said...

Its not just the Korean squat, that squat is also done in Japan. In the Marines we called the Shit squat.and the toilets in the floor they great fun if you have to take a sit down when drunk!
Oh what grosses me out blowing ones nose.ewwwww or finding snotty tissues in your jacket pocket. YUCK!!!!!!!

The Quinn Report said...

I HATE when the doctor asks you, "On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being........"

What in the hell kind of ? is that? 2 seconds before I pushed Tavin out I was asked that. I responded with a 7, so the doctor told me she would be back in 1-2 HOURS!!!! I ever so nicely told her I didn't fucking think so and that this baby was coming any goddamn minute. She didn't believe me, left the room, and yes, the nurse just about delivered him. The doc walked in just in time to catch. So much for a couple hours biznasty!

Don't they realize that ones level of pain intensity varies? It's about time they come up with some other form of explanation!

The Quinn Report said...

On the flip side, I like the word douche (where most people would beg to differ.)

Douchebag just has a nice ring to it and isn't as insulting as others (in my opinion.)

The Quinn Report said...

While up 3 times in the middle of the night with little ones, I thought of 2 others I dislike hearing or saying:

* SHUT UP---UGH, I would rather have someone cuss me out from head to toe than tell me to shut up.

* NO---I know, simple, right? There's nothing that makes my skin crawl more than hearing someone scream NO at their child/children over, and over, and over; it sounds TERRIBLE! IF I use it with or on Salem, I always add a "Thank You" on the end of it (No thank you.) Instead, we use "I don't like that" around here and I think it seems to be more effective.

Grammy Bonnie said...

One more thing I hate: days when Katie doesn't BLOG!

kirida said...

Oh I hate the pee scenes, too. Especially when men let out that sigh of relief. Ugh Ugh Ugh!

Bruce, Tamara & Lolo said...

No kidding...for years, every time Bruce and I hear or use the word moist we glance at each other and say "Katie!" We have another friend who is sickened by the use of bowls as cups..such as with cereal milk or soup. For me the words would be "slime", "drool" and "spit". Therefore I truly was mental that time I adopted the Saint Bernard. Gagging at the thought now...must go.

Jen said...

I hate that Disney movies don't have an easy quick-play feature that just plays the damn movie from the start! You have to ffwd through 18 previews in order to get to the actual movie.

Also: maternity pants (have I mentioned that recently?) and tent hose. And I'm not a big fan of taking both kids grocery shopping, which sucks because I have to do it almost every week.

Jen said...

OH! And improper use of the word "myself"!!! As in, "just talk to myself or my assistant". You only use the word "myself" when you have also used the word "I" in the same sentence. I am so tired of hearing Colonels misuse that word.