Friday, May 29, 2009

I Have a Thought That Bothers Me

While I find this particular phase of parenting to be challenging in many ways (see also: waking up 5 times a night, dealing with more literal crap than should be legal, never having a moment to myself, being awakened in the morning by two screaming short people, not eating breakfast because my kids are so freaking demanding in the mornings, never EVER getting anything accomplished to completion ever ever EVER, etc.) there are some benefits.

One of my favorite things right now is that I can choose my kids' friends. I know this won't last. In fact, Becca is now starting to show preference for certain friends over others. Thankfully her current favorites are also mine. But, one day she may not like the kids of my friends. Instead of some clean cut, nice smart and well-mannered children, she may prefer some hellion with a penchant for illegal substances and a driver's license. [Fanning self over here and looking around for a paper bag to breathe in!]

But for now, I love the fact that I can plop the children of my friends in front of my kids and they have a ball!
Our friends Cheryl and Neal stopped by while we were in San Antonio and our kids got to play together. They all had a good time! Especially Andrew. He went positively BONKERS over his new girlfriend, Ainsley.

Sorry, Andrew. She's just not that into you.

Becca and Braden had a wonderful time together. I love that she is finally at an age where we can just let the kids run off to another floor of the house and things are usually fine.

Of course, it doesn't always go so well. The other day at our friends' house, the kids were playing unaccompanied in the backyard. Suddenly, we noticed this.Judging from who is covered in the most leaves, I'm guessing my kid was the ring leader in this hosta-picking debacle. She was being Sleeping Beauty. (Of course.)


Jen said...

"She's just not that into you" - heehee!

I, too, love this aspect of little children. Thanks for reminding me of this. It gets a little difficult sometimes to remember that they will only by little for a short time, and that (HOPEFULLY) things will get easier. In any event, we'll likely be better rested to deal with their shit later, right?

Tracy said...

I LOVE the fact that i can still pick friends. Madison's first round of picking friends went pretty well. TOTALLY like the family. Oh my panic attack wondering what kind of crazy kids she will be influenced by..

Grammy Bonnie said...

Andrew and Ainsley. . .just like Andy and Katie back in 1975.

sgtsharp said...

Just wait till shes a teenager!! ( insert pysco music here )

Meg said...

I love that pic of Andrew! He looks so hilariously..pathetic!

Cheryl said...

Don't you believe it Andrew! She's just making you work for it.