Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remarkably Un-National Lampoons-esque

Blast in Baltimore! Should a baptism weekend be described in a bit more reverently? Perhaps not.

Maryland crab feast, with Lone Star apron, of course

My sweet baby!

Worn out after the service. He is wearing the same booties Becca wore. I remembered I had them at the last minute.

He didn't cry! He wasn't too thrilled to be held in a cradle hold, but he was quiet! We kind of goofed up the positioning at the front of the church. David--the Godfather--should have been standing next to us. But we had everyone come up front and then we moved more out of the way to make room and...oh well.

I sang Ave Maria. I was a little more nervous than usual with all these people I KNOW in the congregation. The high note wobbled a bit, but otherwise it went okay. When I watched the video Tracy took, I nearly died! I was swaying back and forth the whole time as though I were holding a baby. I looked like a FREAK!

Tony, Andrew, John, Me, Kate, Jane, Becca, John

Andrew and his Godfather, Uncle David

My handsome boys

Front: Jim, Jo Anne, Andrew, Becca, Me
Back: John, David, Tara, Mom and Dad
(A big thank you to Tracy for coming and being our own private papparazzi! As usual we were making a spectacle of ourselves at the church.)
Andrew wearing the same outfit John wore when he was baptized 35 years ago. Good ol' Feltman Brothers brand held up all those years!


lisa said...

Great pics.

On a separate note- we've had an unexpected change in plans and we're headed east. We are going to be in DC/Va. for a week in August. If you think you might want to get drinks....or coffee...or Target....you let me know. :)

Andrea_Ben said...

What a special time for you guys! You have sych a wonderful family - Lampoons, too funny!

Bevo said...

Wonderful weekend! Andrew held up very well in spite of all the events that happened in the service before his baptism. Love the photo of David and Andrew! The singing was absolutely stunning - and you can always tell a Mom by the swaying! (I still sway when I'm standing in line.) Tracy, would you post Katie's solo on YouTube? I NEED to watch it a few hundred times and I doubt that Katie will post it on her blog. She is too modest!

Joy said...

There's a video of the baptism and the singing? I would love to see it! Please post, Katie!! Youtube works, too!

meg said...

adorable pics!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

I would love to see you singing. I love the outfit Andrew wore too. That is awesome.

Jen said...

1. LOVE that last picture.

2. also love the photo of you and your adorable son.

3. wish I could hear you sing sometime, and probably wish I could sing as well as you do.

Lysandra said...

What a great looking family!

Elizabeth said...

I *love* that Andrew wore your husband's baptism outfit and Becca's shoes. LOVE. I'm totally a sucker for sentimental things like that.

sgtsharp said...

Sarah wore the same dress as her Mothers when she was baptised.
Ok David is the godfather who is the godmother?
Very nice pictures! I love being part of National Lampon!

lisa said...

email me at lisa@itsprettyok.com

Yes- Im on FB. :) I'll be back to email in a few days. I'll try and check it again today or tomorrow.