Thursday, December 03, 2009

Defective Type A

You know that thing about me being Type B(ish) now? I think I'm wrong.

(Master of the Obvious here!)
I am still Type A.

I am just malfunctioning. I still have all the feelings and neuroses and desires as a Type A person. I want a clean house. I want things in order. I want to get things done. I want to do a good job at what I do. And yet......this is what happens all day, starting at 5 a.m.

By 6 p.m. the house is totally trashed. Dinner is burning. I have someone else's snot all over my shirt. It looks as though a herd (?) of monkeys barreled through the door and wreaked havoc in here. Nothing got done. Or, it got done ten times and un-done eleven times.

I am still Type A. I just have some problems with execution. They are aged 3 and 1.

Good thing they're cute.


Anonymous said...

Your floors and kitchen look so clean and shiny, though, so I am very impressed. And you look put together with a happy smile on your face. And the kids, well yes, they are adorable! You rock, girl. ~Jenny in MD

Swistle said...

Yes, YES! I think this is where Frustrated Perfectionism can start to kick in: to preserve sanity, the brain says, "Fine. I can't do it the way I want it? Then I won't do it AT ALL!"

Katie said... mean the floor with the dirty dish towel on it!? Ha ha. If they are at all clean it is because of the Christmas present that came early in the form of a one time house cleaner! :) And I'm put together looking because I fixed my hair the day before for a choir concert and hadn't showered yet that day. And I'm smiling because my mom is here. Otherwise these photos would look a lot different!

Swistle--YOu ARE SO RIGHT!!!!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

You crack me up!

Jen said...

So glad you are admitting it. =)

I love how the kitchen towel in the second photo is on the floor. That about sums things up, doesn't it? Clean up, they make a mess. Hang it up, they pull it down.

Bevo said...

The day began at 4:53 AM today!

Tracy said...

but you still manage to have good parties and are a great host.. type A is not all bad!

Natalie said...

Your house looks great. I'm sure it's cleaner than mine.

Are you having an easier time getting him on your back?

Katie said...

Natalie....No. My mom had to help me get him on my back! I need to try it a little more to get some practice!

Andrea and Ben said...

This post makes me laugh!! I have raed it a few times :0)