Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lately Around Here....

* I've been painting. And re-painting. We ordered new living room furniture. A sectional in a beige color and two chairs in a paisley green/brown/grey/gold/turquoise/burgundy. I know. Sounds hideous....and it might be, but damn if I didn't love that tiny swatch from which I selected it.

I thought a cool greenish grey would be perfect. And I went bonkers trying to find it. I tested 12 different green/greys. (Btw, I prefer to spell gray as grey. Looks more dapper.) I found one and painted one wall. Nope! Too pastel and too minty. So, I got some more samples. And dreamt about paint colors and talked about paint colors and drove everyone I know totally crazy. Then, I painted the next deeper shade and loved it. I meant to just do one accent wall, but I loved it so much I kept going and going and painted two rooms (the living and dining that are open to each other).

I'm so cool and modern, I told myself. So bold and dramatic.

John asked why I didn't just leave the walls tan. (Because, I explained. Tan and beige just doesn't look good together! DUH!)

And then, I came down with another Virus of Doom (that would be three this year, thank you Stomach Virus Gods. Please spare me the next round, mmmmkay?) This particular one lasted 5 days. FIVE DAYS...fever, body aches, GI issues. I was nauseous and unable to eat. And during those five days I spent my nauseous hours staring at my dark green living room and dining room and gagging.

The minute I recovered I ran to Home Depot (again. AGAIN!) and bought a cream color. Just first choice. Didn't try samples or anything. I couldn't cover up that dark color fast enough. John asked why I didn't just leave it tan.

Now I am left with one dark accent wall and the rest a sunny, creamy color. Sort of the color of vanilla pudding. And I'm much happier. Much.

(I'm trying to upload photos and Blogger's being a beotch. So I will try sending them as a mobile blog later!)

*Becca is in a new phase where she wants hot tea with honey for breakfast every morning. We are doing the fruit flavored Celestial Seasonings. But is this okay for a kid? I blame Mary Poppins. She LOVES Mary Poppins.

*Andrew is kind of an anal kid. He actually ENJOYS cleaning. He gets all gleeful if you ask him to put his toys away. He loves wiping his hands and face with his napkin. I'm not sure how this happened.

*I miss blogging.


Katie said...

I tried sending three photos by mobile blog.....I still don't see them.

joanna said...

Now I understand how you could change the color so quickly. Yuck. I'd repaint the whole house and rearrange the furniture after a stomach bug if I thought I could get away with it!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

I miss you blogging.

Angie said...

I miss you blogging, too. My kids are gone this week, so I've got my own painting goals for the week.

Swistle said...

I prefer the "grey" spelling, too. What's spell-checker's PROBLEM? Perfectly legit spelling!

I love that she likes tea! I think the herbal teas are even good for people---antioxidants or something? I guess I don't know much about tea, now that I think about it.

Natalie said...

Summer illness sucks! Glad you're better.

Can't wait to see pics of your furniture.

Andrea and Ben said...

Please tell me you are back to blogging!!!??? Ugh, I need my fill of sarcasm and there isn't enough of it on the other blogs I read :-)