Friday, January 07, 2011

The Year Eating Better Became Eating Unhealthier

I decided to make good on my resoultion. This week, I planned some menu ideas. I searched through Pioneer Woman's recipes, I watched Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay. I learned that I never knew how to make an omelette. You're supposed to cook the eggs on BOTH sides before you add the filling. Did you know that? I'm sure you did. It seems totally obvious NOW THAT I KNOW THAT. No wonder mine never EVER turned out right. Not that it turned out right this time either. I flipped the egg circle over and only half flipped and the other half splatted...but it was still better than before.

So. That was cool.

I settled on making these spicy lemon garlic shrimp that I'm going to pair with these green chili cheese grits and green beans one night this week.

I'm also going to do twice-baked potatoes this way. Looks heavenly. I'll pair that with some tilapia and broccoli. Although, I am still looking for a good, fun, new way to cook the tilapia. Maybe some kind of panko bread crumbs!?

And, that's as far as my dinner planning went.

I went to the grocery store with my list and the grocery circular and all the sale items duly noted. And then upon checking out I remembered why I quit cooking such delectable dishes. THE DAMN COST. If I had just stuck to my usual boring routine, I would be 50 dollars richer. That's what. Screw you, New Year's Resolution! I don't want to get back to adventurous cooking while ON A BUDGET. My grocery budget doesn't include fresh overpriced winter herbs and fresh lemons.

And those shrimp are pricey little bitches. And I'm sure they're oil-tainted too. I'm sure glad I didn't resolve to eat healthier, because clearly that ain't happening!

It's a true Middle Class Sob Story. 

But, damn. Can't wait to get cooking!


Andrea and Ben said...

CSA - here is a list in your area:

You won't be paying ridiculous prices for overpriced out of season produce.

They will ensure you are getting only seasonal food and many of them are quite affordable (at least in our area). I have always kicked myself for not doing it here, but my resolution is to do it in FL. My sister bought on while I was staying with her and I planned my menu around what she got in her bundle. We ate like champs!

You can so this Katie - I believe in you!!!

Katie said...

Andrea... I am going to split a CSA with my neighbor this year....I am excited about it!