Saturday, June 28, 2008

On Being a Germaphobe, Or Worst Morning Ever

We planned to go over to Tracy's house this morning. But, when Tracy called to say that Cait had a 101 degree fever, I backed out. Now, I realize that my kid will get sick and that it is normal and even healthy....I'm not a complete moron. But ever since the two scary fevers of last year, I just get panicky about fevers. Visions of ERs and nebulizers and ambulances flash through my head. I'm a FREAK.

I figured a trip to the pool would be a great way to pass the morning hours. But I was wrong. WRONG. I hastily packed a picnic lunch and my giant bag of pool necessities--sunscreen, dry clothes, hats, pool toys, towels, snacks, water wings, drinks, sunglasses, etc, etc.

We arrived at the gym. The entire parking lot was full. Totally packed. We had to walk about a half mile, dragging the giant bag, the giant cooler, the bucket of toys, the sippy cup, etc. Becca was whining and crying about not wanting to go into the "kids' room" aka childcare. I put her in there anyway as I entertained visions of me, lounging by the adult pool, sunning myself and lazily flipping magazine pages, to the sound of elderly ladies swimming laps. I told her if she didn't cry she would get a lollipop and get to go swimming later. She cried. She was screaming when I left. She was still screaming ten minutes later when the nursery summoned me to come get her.

So, I dragged her outside while she was still bitching and moaning, snuffling and wiping her eyes with a tissue. I couldn't even feel sorry for her because I was so annoyed by the scene that greeted me outside. The pool area was jam-packed. Apparently every Saturday is SWIM MEET day, aka Big Event Designed Just to Piss Off Mothers Looking For Solitude. One pool was closed for the meet and swim team kids were crawling over every surface of the entire outdoor area and jumping into every remaining pool. Every single chair taken. People just all over the place and on top of each other. Becca still crying. Me imagining all the bodily fluids that must be in the pool water. Me feeling like a homicidal maniac. Then, Becca fell down on the concrete and got her knee all bloody. Hey! Some more bodily fluids! She was still crying.

I squashed down the urge to just push everyone and everything in the nearest pool and run because I realized I would take out about 20 people just by dropping a water bottle. That's what it must be like to live in an ant hill. I threw Becca on a semi-empty chair (meaning it only had one shoe on it, surely no one was sitting there, right?) and started the lengthy sunscreen application process. She was still crying.

Then, it started raining.

And, suddenly now I can't remember why I was scared of a 101 fever. Surely it would have been more relaxing than the Swim Meet Crying Toddler Bloody Knee Rain Soaked Broken Shoulders Morning From Hell.


Natalie said...

OMG! What a morning. You wrote about it so well, I could feel what you were feeling. I hope great, long naps and a quiet, relaxing evening are in store!

Your story reminded me of my recent trek to the beach with the girls. Granted, it's a 10-min walk from our house. But,I took a stroller. Something I never do, and had to get help getting down the steps to the beach and then back up. Lila had a COMPLETE breakdown after 45 mins there, so we had to leave. But, I couldn't get our sun tent folded down and was cursing under my breath and trying hard not to tell Lila to shut up and Liv to stay out of the water. Just, as I thought I would just cry and roll around in the sand like a crazy women, someone helped me. Thank goodness! Though, I'm sure I made a bit of a scene and haven't been back since!

Tracy said...

I wrote acomment and don't have any idea what happened to it. NO pool on Saturdays. That is just ridiculus that it is that busy.

The Quinn Report said...

I hate it when we set out to have good intentions for our children, and all hell breaks loose. That seems to happen more often than not!

Lysandra said...

I was stressed out just reading that!

Andrea & Ben said...

Sounds AWFUL!!!!!! I would have taken my chances with the fever.