Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hi. Remember me? The girl who used to update her blog more than daily? That one? She's been busy....doing.....ummm...something. I mean, I'm sure I've been busy. But....I can't really even remember what I've been doing. Napping? Maybe? Oh wait. I remember. I was abusing my privileges of having a full-time, live-in nanny around. At one point I realized I'd been out running around and doing tons of stuff and my mom and daughter hadn't left the house in two days. And my mom did all the laundry. Oops.

Give me back my princess dress, Aunt Susan!

Anyhoo. I'm back. John's on a trip. My sister left. My mom left. Becca went to bed. I'm online. I'm trying not to notice how quiet and empty the house feels. Here is a photo of us girls, courtesy of my new tripod. John was able to sit and read the newspaper without having to get up and take twenty pictures of us. I can't believe I never had a tripod until now. I had no idea what I was missing. I don't think John did either.

The Latest:
Had another ultrasound today. The baby is still doing about the same. The heart muscle is still a little "thickened," like any muscle that has been overworked. And, like a bicep, or other muscle, it takes a good while for it to shrink down to its original size after the exercise has stopped. At least that is how they have been explaining it to me. The blood-flow velocities (indicating the relative anemia of the blood) have been hovering around the same values for the last three weeks-- just hugging the underside of the high normal line. Today it went up a tad, but the doctor didn't seem worried about it (I didn't say I wasn't worried!) The doc said if the values are around the same next week, then I will only have one more visit after that before being dismissed. Good thing, too, because the bills are starting to roll in now, 10 weeks after this all started. I haven't yet seen the bill for the actual transfusion procedure. Can't wait to see that one. For a while there I wondered if this was all going to be free. Ha.

The baby has suddenly gotten very active, and despite having an anterior placenta (where it is attached to the front of my belly, thus muffling lots of the movements), I am still feeling lots of baby kicks. This is the only part of pregnancy I like. I enjoy sitting on the couch, all slumped down, shirt pulled up over my belly watching the baby move and pushing back against feet or elbows when they protrude.

John still won't discuss baby names with me. I don't know why. He was like this with Becca too. He is just not ready to talk about it until the baby is crowning in the hospital elevator and I'm mooing like a cow being slaughtered. I guess in his mind that seems like the best time to nail down our final name selections. I also guess that is why I got my first choice last time. But, I do start to wonder....what if, in the agony of labor, I end up tossing out the name Bart or something?

As for me, I passed the glucose test indicating that I am not going to be (mis)diagnosed as having gestational diabetes this time (another big shout out to the Army hospital, who can't read lab reports!) And, like my fetus, I am anemic, despite taking iron every day. At least I have a medical justification for eating as many cheeseburgers as I can shove down my throat, and chasing them down with two hour naps.

Trust me, she's always like this.
No medical justification necessary.


molly said...

I think you're quite good about blogging regularly! Your adoring public is very satisfied. :)
Matty wants to offer a name instead of Bart: Trab.
Oh Lord...that's Bart backwards. He's retarded.

MommyK said...

You and your sister look so much alike, I had to look closer to see which one was you! Cute pic!

The Quinn Report said...

Yay, glad you're back! I always wonder what you're up to when we don't hear from you for a few days!

Your Mom hit it right on the $ about displaying art on the walls. I'm going to turn one of Salem's (walls) into an art shrine dedicated to her! I think she'll love it!

Mmm....cheeseburgers sound yummy and yours look super tastsy!

Tracy said...

I feel the same way. I am getting phone calls from relatives asking when I am going to update the blog. Well, I think I have just had so much fun having people to talk to and entertain my children, I have neglected the virtual friends well, and the real ones. Now the task is almost too daunting to catch up. Of course, I am still on a family high. Give me a few days and it will be my addiction again.

Angie said...

Great that the baby is doing so well. I want a live-in nanny for awhile. Sounds good.

John and Allen must be on the same page with the "no discussing baby names" thing. Allen would only suggest names that were ridiculous. Of course, just as you said, when that happens, you often get your first choice. I was just imagining our baby nameless for the first few weeks.

Natalie said...

Good news about the baby!

A break from blogging is always good! Though, we always miss your updates.

Swistle said...

Paul never wants to discuss names, either. He ROLLS HIS EYES at me, like 32 weeks (or whatever) is WAY TOO SOON to be talking about it.

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Congrats! It's been such a long time that I didn't even know you were pregnant. Reading your blog it's good to hear that I'm not the only slacker (even though you aren't nearly as slacker as I was/am) and it's hard to believe you weren't updating your blog daily. :0)

As for Army hospitals...did I ever tell you that in AK they had another girl's records (her last name was also Solis) in my records? Yeah, they even gave me tests I wasn't supposed to have...they were supposed to be for her. MY GOODNESS!!!

Anyways, I'm happy things are going good with you. Take Care.