Monday, July 07, 2008

A New Day

My O.B. says I can take Zantac. Praise the LAWD, people. I have taken two doses and do feel somewhat better, although the heartburn is still there (I do not GET that. How did it just come on one day and never leave again? And how could it be so horrendous so suddenly? If hell exists, then I swear to you that the talk of eternal burning is really a reference to nonstop heartburn.)

Becca woke up in a much better mood today. So did I. Maybe because I knew I had a babysitter coming and I knew John was coming home. Funny how that changes my entire attitude. He put her down for her nap and for bedtime. It is always nice when he breezes back into town. I can cook enchiladas while he wrestles with her and takes her on errands with him. And, I know just last night I swore no more spicy food, but I bought all the stuff to make the damn enchiladas before the Great Heartburn Catastrophe of 08. And, I couldn't just abandon my meager meal planning that only happens about one night a week.

Here is something that cracks me up. Becca loves taking wet wipes and cleaning the screened-in porch. She will just gleefully go out there and scrub the railings for....oh...minutes at a time. And she sings "Sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale...." as she does it. As I'm sure you ALL know, that is the song Cinderella sings as she cleans the floor on her hands and knees. The only problem is, she likes to just clean the same general area over and over. So, we have one really clean spot on an otherwise dirty porch.


Lysandra said...

I don't think we have seen Cinderella here...I wish Mikey would clean. Sigh. You stress me out.

Katie said...

Lysandra, I seem to have that effect on people regularly! :)

bevo said...

I ordered "The Paper Bag Princess" for Becca today from IN HARDBACK so it will LAST!! The little princess should be receiving it in a few days. I wonder how she'll like it? Hmmmmm

Tracy said...

The paper bag princess? Mmmm, sounds interesting. I can't wait until we can come over to read it with her.

Oh and the cleaning? Send her my way. One clean spot is better than completely dirty any day!!

How is the heartburn tonight?

The Smith's said...

Glad you are seeing (or should I say feeling?) some heartburn relif. That is Hell. I remember. I had it so bad with Wilson...During delivery it was so bad that I almost threw up.
Although I am sure you have already refreshed yourself on the Internet on all the lateset Gerd advise-- Here is some reflux advise: drink water, lots of it and stay away from dairy, spicy, and chocolate. I know all are hard to do avoid but they will irrotate you more.

Good John is home. I thought of him today on my flight. Maybe someday he will be our pilot. Considering we fly SW so much.

As always, love hearing how you are doing. You always make me smile. Miss you guys.

For Becca:
Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
Put 'em together and what have you got

Natalie said...

Angie can probably remember me bitching about my reflux. I had it so bad, acid would spray out of my nose and I would choke on it at night. Sleep? What was that? I couldn't even sit up. I had to walk around for HOURS at night. Sad part was that sometimes it would hit at 3:00am. NINE hours after I last ate or drank anything. During delivery with Olivia, I could not lay down AT ALL. I would have choked on my own acid reflux vomit (well, I almost did once - they had me sitting up quickly). It tore up the lining of my throat, gave me the first teeth cavities of my life and my ENT threatened surgery.

With Lila, I was put on Zantac AND AcipHex 20mg when my second trimester started. That helped a ton!

Olivia likes to follow our housekeeper around and tell her what to do and gets into her supplies. During the week when she's not here, Olivia will sweep or wash something and say, "I'm cleaning like Louisa." Matt laughs and says, "Well you haven't learned to clean from your mother."

Natalie said...
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The Quinn Report said...

Geez, I'm going to have to run out and buy Cinderella for Salem to see if it has any of the same side effects! You might be on to something here!

Jen said...

That cleaning thing is hysterical! Seems like there is another Monica in your family, huh? They say kids emulate their parents...although I am always shocked when Kate does something like that.