Friday, September 19, 2008


Man, the amount of surprises arriving from the suitcases of these two is incredible. Becca is getting nonstop attention. There is nothing like two grandmothers oohing and aahing over the same kid to turn that kid into the biggest brat this side of the Mississippi. (Okay, actually I think she was acting bratty before they arrived. It isn't their fault!) We aren't sure if it is true or not, but Becca said she had to stay inside during recess at school for hitting and for telling the teacher "No!" But, the teacher didn't say anything about it. So, she's either a) lying; or b) being a brat at school. Which is worse?

Jim is building us some bookshelves in the basement, which is totally awesome. It is nice having people here taking such good care of us. We are turning into spoiled brats as well!

As for Uterus Watch 2008...we are having NO action whatsoever. It is like Wednesday's labor scare never happened and this kid is settled in for the long haul. Don't ask me how you can have contractions 3 minutes apart and be admitted to labor and delivery and then just have it all suddenly come to a screeching halt. How is that fair?

Oh well. At least we are having fun, drinking wine, eating out, is good.


Sioux said...


The Quinn Report said...

I think the original date I picked was Monday....I'm still going to hold onto that one!
It would be nice if HE held out until then so you could enjoy some more time with your family!...I wish you all the best!

Joel and Angela said...

My first thought is that is was a boy, but now I think it is another girl.
Gotta loved getting spoiled by grandmas!! Did they plan to both wear blue shirts!

Jen said...

I think it's worse if they actually do the bad thing. I think kids make up all sorts of stuff, not realizing what it means to lie (sometimes, like in this case).

Also, could you send Jim over to our house right quick after he is done with your basement? We could use some shelving in our garage.

The Smith's said...

Thanks for the post!! I was getting tired (okay- annoyed) with tra la la la. I was checking so often, wishing you a safe delivery and hoping to see pictures of a little one, that if I saw Tra La La one more time I was going scream.

I am glad all is well and hope this little one says hello to the great big world soon. Glad your and John's mom's are there.

Tell your mom I sent her another fwd.

Miss you! and Good luck!