Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nature Walk

We went on a walk yesterday. The weather is just perfect here right now--crisp and autumnal and clear. Becca scampered down the path, happy to be free of the house and out in the dirt and muck, exploring.
We saw deer.

We saw vines.
We saw the ugliest damn snapping turtle.

And a giant belly that is at least four times the size of my head. [Which, coincidentally is feeling pretty crampy today. Not sure if that means something is happening, or if it just means the belly wasn't too happy about getting off the couch and going on a hike.]

I have my first pregnancy related stretch mark and therefore it is EVICTION TIME. Come out, come out whoever you are!


Tracy said...

Where the heck did you see that UGLY turtle? You do the best things. I on the other hand pray for Saturdays, so I can sit and do nothing. Do you see a problem with that? Keep me updated on the belly eviction!

The Quinn Report said...

You are so darn cute pregnant....and not pregnant!

The Smith's said...

Good for you guys. The walked sounded fun. And that turtle... It was one ugly thing.

I agree 150% with Noel. I saw the last picture of you three and said out loud, "she is so damn cute!"

Here's to baby evicition in your very near future!

Angie said...

Ok, your other friends are way nicer than me. I saw that last picture, and thought "Damn, that's a big baby belly!" No wonder you are having a hard time walking around. You are really cute, but have that baby already! Let's see this little guy/girl!

Sioux said...

That is one ugly turtle.
You are gigantic.
My comments really add a lot to the discussion, don't they?

MommyK said...

Okay, the only thing pregnant about you is that belly! Your arms are so tiny! Come out baby, come out!

Joel and Angela said...

You really look great Katie! And we are anxiously waiting for that little one to appear!

sgtsharp said...

I see you found Aunt Grace the snapping turtle.Last time I seen her was in the back of Grampa Jacks pick up. Those deer must have been deaf,how could you guys walk up on them.

Justine said...

You have only ONE stretch mark?? You should see my stomach after 2 kids!! Well, hypothetically speaking anyway. My stretch marks look like a map of the New York City Subway!!

Andrea and Ben said...

That baby needs to come out - you are all Belly and beautiful!! But seriously, come on already!!!