Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Wonder It is My Favorite Holiday!

My repetoire of "must haves" for Thanksgiving dinner calls for the following:
In case you can't count, that is FIVE containers of cream cheese (except I do buy the light versions). FIVE. That is why Amy's corn casserole, Jo Anne's potatoes and Jean's hot swiss and bacon dip are so very tasty. I can hardly wait.

Jane, John, Bill and Tony are arriving tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving here. John is on reserve the entire time. So, he may be here, or he may be flying somewhere. I really, really hope he is here because I can promise you the meal he would get out somewhere would not contain nearly as much cream cheese.

On the menu:
Hot bacon and swiss dip (with cream cheese!)
Thanksgiving cocktail (3 parts pomegranate juice, 2 parts champagne, 1 part triple sec with fresh pomegranate seeds) served over ice

Brined, roasted Turkey (cooked under cheesecloth and basted with butter and wine)
Mashed Potatoes (with cream cheese!)
Corn casserole with green chilies (and cream cheese!)
Stuffing with sage sausage and apples
Fresh green beans with lime
Peas (John likes to mix them in his mashed potatoes)
Jane's seven layer southern salad (with mayo! I forgot to put the mayo in the photo!)
Sinfully decadent dark chocolate Kahlua cake (with sour cream in it!)

I am not serving sweet potatoes, or pie. Is that just wrong? I'm just really more of a cake person. Maybe I should do a pie. Okay. I'll do a pie too.

I am salivating now. My favorite meal of the year. Can't wait. What are you eating?


Kristi said...

Mmmm. Cream cheese. One of the many reasons I love Thanksgiving.

Can I come over to your house? That sounds delicious!

Cheryl said...

Sounds yummy. We're heavy on the cream cheese, butter, etc over here as well. It's Thanksgiving for goodness sakes! Here's our menu.
Cheese, crackers, salami, fruit to munch til the big stuff is ready
Brined, roasted turkey
Cornbread dressing (I live for this stuff)
Mashed potatoes (with cream cheese and half and half)
Homemade rolls
Green vegetable medley sauteed with shallots
Brown sugar glazed carrots
Pumpkin pie (from Costco which I will redeem with homemade whipped cream)
Pecan Pie
Caramel apple cheesecake
Is it bad that there is no cranberry sauce?
I'm starting my cooking today! Hope John is home and you all have a lovely day! Remember, you have carte blanche to eat all you like because you are breast feeding. Gotta love it!

Katie said...

Oh crap! Cranberries! That too....it is BAD that you don't have cranberries, Cheryl! :) (Just kidding)

Andrea and Ben said...

Cream cheese in the potatoes, I MUST hear more.

We are having cranberry glazed turkey (my first year brining it), chive mashed potatoes (unless I decide to steal the cream cheese idea), Sausage stuffing, gluten free pies and green bean casserole (we have a silly yak in our group - I know that is not how you really spell it but it is funny), cranberry sauce (fresh and canned for Ben) and a yummy walnut, cranberry and feta salad. I can't wait!!!!!

Grammy Bonnie said...

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie from the Betty Crocker Cook Book in a ginger snap cookie crust. Pure heaven!! Throw a little dark rum in the whipped cream. . .right up your alley!!!

Katie said...

pumpkin chiffon and ginger snaps? Wow. I might have to try that one!

Katie said...

Andrea, just mash the taters and dump in some cream cheese. Keep mashing til it melts. Done. Yum. I also add a little half and half and some butter. Nothing like taking a relatively healthy veggie and turning it unhealthy, huh?

Jen said...

Oh. Yum. Yum yum yum. I love Thanksgiving, too. It is the best meal of the year!

We are having turkey (brined), cranberry sauce, carrot souffle (sounds gross but is SO good), sage stuffing with cornbread, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and probably some sort of dessert. We haven't gotten to that part yet, but it's not the best part of the meal, so meh. We still have to figure out who all is going to be here!

Also, I agree with you: I am way more of a cake person than a pie person.

Natalie said...

Yum. We're going to a friend's. She Russian and her husband is American. They are both cooking the meal. She's making mashed potatoes. I wanted to make them b/c I'm heavy on the cream cheese, butter and garlic. I don't think she's ever tasted cream cheese in her life. Oh well! It'll be a great cultural experience - maybe the soup will be borscht (sp?) - which she introduced me to and I love. However, I still think I'd rather have your meal!

Meg said...

Tell John I'm laughing at him behind his back...is he like, 2? Mixing peas and potatoes? Maybe I should try that with Brady! I'm impressed you making all that! I really have no idea what we're having. All I know is I'm only responsible for the cranberry sauce w/Grand Marnier. No cooking for me this year. Which is why it's my favorite holiday (this year anyway!)

Swistle said...

I make a chocolate-crusted pumpkin cheesecake that uses either 3 or 4 packages of (REGULAR) cream cheese.

Also, Cheryl has to have cranberry sauce. From a can. I decree it.

bevo said...

Tara and David are fixing the ENTIRE Thanksgiving meal for three families and a few strays! We're bringing beverages and that's all. While you guys are all madly cooking, we are going to be working out... or sleeping in...

(I told you adult children are wonderful!!!!!)

Cheryl said...

If I cave and do the cranberry sauce it will be from the can, as decreed. It's just not my favorite thing but canned is what I grew up with. *sigh* Back to Albertsons.

The Smith's said...

Girl, I am makin' your corn casserole and green beans. I cannot wait!!!

I am going to use all SIX of my cream cheese (not fat free) containers. AND. I am going to eat at least three pies!!! Damn. I LOVE this holiday!!!!

Miss you.

MaryB said...

MUST have recipe for swiss and bacon dip!!!!

sounds delicious! this is going to be one of the most stress-free T-Days Ive had in YEARS because my baby rother is frying the turkeys and making the green beans...at least one man around here can cook!

Ill be crossing my fingers for scheds to not ring your phone!!! We'll be playing that game on chrismas eve and christmas this year...I feel your pain!

The Quinn Report said...

We ordered a meal from the New Braunfels Smokehouse ....lame, huh?

Lysandra said...

I have made that Kahlua cake 2 times in 2 days!

TeamMunger said...

Kahlua cake is still a favorite here as well! Neighbors now know it as "emergency cake" All have the ingredients on hand. If there are less than 2 containers of sourcream in our fridge at any given time we are on the verge of crisis: We are "Bingo Sourcream!"