Friday, November 21, 2008

The Surefire Way to Piss Me Off

If you are a (near) three-year old and you really, reeeeeally want to get under my skin, here is what you do. Stay awake in your bed at night until close to 9 p.m. and then wake up at 5 a.m. Then, don't nap. Sit in your bed and play loudly and shriek and squeal. Then, after being told it is time to stop playing and go to sleep, violently kick me and then cry and scream. Man, I love it when that happens. Especially when it happens for about FIVE DAYS in a row. Really, she has been jacked up ever since we went of Daylight Savings Time. Whoever invented this changing the clocks thing obviously didn't have small children. Ironically, Andrew is just snoozing away right now. AND I AM NOT. This is NOT right.


Tracy said...

Im sorry. This was a SUPER tough age(s) for me. When you are trying to get the two insync. You would not believe how much of a grouchy person (to say it nicely) I was. Of all the memories of them being those ages, the most vivid ones are the ones that involved NOT NAPPING and how it took EVERYTHING I had to keep my very little shred of sanity.

The Quinn Report said...

Oh yes! I hear you LOUD and CLEAR!! Salem is pulling the SAME SHIT right now and it makes me want to put a gun to my head! The worst part is that she fights it to NO end. On average, she's only sleeping 6-7 hours a NIGHT. WTF? I KNOW that is NOT enough sleep for a person of her age/size. Then, she'll fight nap, only to eventually fall asleep and want to stay that way for HOURS on end. So, I have to wake her cranky ass up and then we're right back to where we started in the AM.....ME having to deal with a sleep deprived child. OH WHAT FUN!!!!

Angie said...

It will get better. I hope. Otherwise my child will not make it to adulthood.

sgtsharp said...

some animals eat there young,and there mate.

Natalie said...

Liv does this same thing from time to time. It usually lasts a week or two. My temper gets let loose during those times. It's SO hard!

Recently, when she went through it, we told her that she only had to take a very short nap. Just to rest her eyes and then she could get up. She agreed and slept for two hours. When she woke up, we said, "Wow, what a wonderful short nap, Sweetie!"

Doesn't always work - but, usually, lately, it does.

Each child is so different, I wish I had advice. But, I have champion sleepers and I know my kids are unusual and it's nothing I do or don't do. It's just in the genes. Wish I had great advice!

I'm not a fan of pulling the nap. My MIL, a preschool teacher for 15 years, recently told me that each year, all but about two of her class of 17 3&4-year-olds, always took great naps, despite many parents saying they "dropped" them at home. The two who didn't nap, still layed down quietly for an hour. So, I'd keep working on it!