Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On Christmas Cards.....And Other Blather

I am trying to decide which photos to use this year on our annual photo Christmas card. I am not posting them on here, because they are a surprise. But here are the options:

  • 1. A professional photo of both kids when Andrew was just born. He is sleeping...eyes closed. But it might be my favorite picture of Becca of all time.
  • 2. Family group shots--all imperfect. They all have something wrong with them. Andrew's eyes are closed in most of the options, or he is spitting up, or Becca is squinting, or wearing strange accessories. I still have pregnancy face in all of them.

John really thinks we should ALL be in the picture every year. I really don't care, as long as both kids are in it.

So, do I use pro one of just the kids? Aesthetically, I prefer to just have one photo. But Andrew doesn't really look like that anymore and his eyes are closed.

Or do I do a collage of three--the group shot, the pro photo and then another one of Andrew with his eyes open and him smiling?

Did I lose you back at the first paragraph? I guess it makes it hard when I am not showing you the photos!

My mom is coming in tonight. She is the one from whom I inherited my freaky picture-taking gene. She started the family Christmas card tradition when I was born in 1975. Our family has had one every year since then. I have them all in an album and will continue this tradition as long as I am alive.

I am excited to have another visitor. Our guestroom has been full all fall, and I LOVE it that way! The more the merrier!

I am also feeling much better these days. Andrew is sleeping more at night (waking around 3 and then around 6 or so). I am exercising again at the gym a couple days a week. I wedged myself into my biggest pair of pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday. The seams were bulging, but they buttoned. I feel myself slowing returning to normal.

And on Friday night, John and I are hitting the town. Or, really just hitting the booze at his squadron's Christmas party. Either way, we'll be out without kids. And without spit up on our shirts. And, we'll likely be conked out in bed by 11 p.m.


Swistle said...

I try to send a whole-family shot every few years, but in between it's easier to just send one of the kids. Paul and I don't change as much as they do. If I were you, I'd send the photo I liked best.

Natalie said...

Agree w/Swistle. Matt and I are not in ours again this year.

I admire your organization in saving cards of each year since 1975. Surely mine would get lost in a move or a kid would find the book and throw up on it or something bad. Or, I'm just making excuses b/c I'm not, in the least bit, organized!

Lysandra said...

Good luck...and have fun on the night out.

Meg said...

I guess I have a head start since I've seen the pics you're talking about! I think you should use the one of you guys in S Carolina (with the graffitti wall in the background), but I don't think you liked that one for some reason, so I vote the pro picture of him sleeping. So did you REALLY go to the gym (wink wink!)?? Glad mom came thru so you can at least stay overnight at the party! Give her kisses from me.

Katie said...

Natalie--My MOM is the one who kept them all and put them in albums for us! I am just adding to it. So, she is the organized one!

Jen said...

What if you pick the one you like best and then order 4x6s of the other option and add it to the envelope? It's not the same, but that way you have a neatly packaged card and also a keepsake. ?

Squadron Christmas party! Woohoo!

Cheryl said...

I'm in complete agreement with John. The whole family shot....even if it's not perfect. Have fun being kid free for a few hours!

MaryB said...

What is it with the men and heir insistence on the whole family photos?? Rich agrees with John - whole family or nothing at all. AND, there were those ladies I mentioned on my blog last Christmas - the ones in the grocery check out line aying how they know that a card of "just the kids" means that the parents are either spearated/hate each other or one or both of them has gotten fat...THUS, I obvioulsy relented and agreed to a family picture.

Have fun at your party - I just made hotel reservations for ours and I cant wait! Got any funny ideas for the "gift" to take???

Katie said...

MaryB--as far as I know, we don't bring "gifts!" Just liquor!

And, unfortunately, my face looks totally grody thanks to being maybe what those ladies said was true! I don't WANT to be in the photo unless it is the perfect angle and lighting! :)