Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Summaries and Moving On

Each of these topics really have enough fodder for separate entries, but I'm in the "Hurry the Hell up and Get Back to Christmas Shopping" Mode, so here are some brief snippets.

Squadron Christmas Party
Sort of fun. Sort of a pain in the ass (boob) since it was over and hour away, and my handy, tiny little battery-operated pump (from Tracy) didn't work. I spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom talking to other ladies about breast feeding and trying to fix the damn thing. Tracy went on a battery hunt for me, but it turns out I brought the wrong attachment. Oh well. My boobs were about to fall out of my dress by the end of the night. My mom did a perfect job with the kids and everyone survived. I had three Cape Codders. Party-- a success.

Becca's Birthday Party
Becca had planned on wearing this dress that Jim and Jo Anne sent her. She wore it that morning. We talked about her party and what exactly was going to happen. We showed her the cake ahead of time so it wouldn't shock her and she wouldn't cry like last year. My friend down the street did the assembly and decorating. Isn't it cute? Snow White, in case you aren't up on all the princess stuff (I know more about these dumb Disney princesses than should be legal.)

Then, after her nap when I announced it was birthday party time she started crying and said she didn't want a birthday party and didn't want to wear a party dress. She wanted to wear pants. Me: WHAT? REALLY? She hasn't requested pants....well, ever. She had a ball with Cait and Madison, playing and eating pizza. Then, we brought the cake out she cried. I'm thinking this kid really isn't a fan of birthdays. Poor thing! And poor Snow White.....she really took a hit and became a double amputee.She did enjoy opening presents. Although her poor friend, Madison wasn't quite as happy. Birthday parties are just cruel if you think about it.Maybe next year we will do something different. We'll see.
Andrew was happy. He is really looking at people and "talking" and smiling. He has laughed once. I'm still waiting for him to do it more!

Becca's Preschool Show

HILARIOUS. Totally effing hysterical. Lots of crying kids on stage. Lots of pouting. But, not by Becca. She was pretty happy.

The highlight was one seriously ANGRY kid who just stood there GLARING out into the audience and looking rather like a serial killer. No singing. No smiling. No moving. Just crossed arms and a scary glare. Then, right when the song was over he threw a stuffed animal angrily at his mother and it hit a microphone on the way out. Another girl was doing a similar pout because her sash was untied. She just held the ends of the sash and stuck her lower lip out and angrily held the sash out towards her mom in the audience, while the other kids were singing and dancing next to her. She never sang or smiled. Then, they couldn't get her off stage and a teacher was chasing her back and forth across the stage trying to get her off. We had tears of laughter streaming down our faces. It was the best comedy I've seen in a while.


My dad was in town for about 36 hours. He has been wanting to take Becca to the Balitmore Aquarium for quite a while now, and I figured "What the hell?" and we went. This is how my outings with kids usually go. I start out full of energy and excitement. As we were walking around the Inner Harbor, I had this "high" feeling. I thought, "Why don't I do this more often? There is so much to offer outside of my house. I need to get out more. This isn't so hard!"

Then, the day goes on. We have some fun. We start getting tired. We approach nap time. We blow right past it. We drag the children around, ignoring the complaints. Then, we get in the car to go home. The kids either a) fall asleep; or b) scream the whole way home (you can guess which kid did what). Then, I drag myself in the house, tired and bedraggled and say "I am never leaving the house again!" And, this was with FOUR adults and two kids. The odds are not in my favor on a regular day.

I am using my new Ergo baby carrier and IT. RULES. I carried him all day with no pain!

My cute parents eating oysters down by the harbor.

Alright. This entry has taken MUCH longer than should be allowed. I haven't gotten back to my All Online Christmas, as planned. So, off I go to scout for some free shipping deals.


Natalie said...

Your little man is getting such a cute little face.

Becca's recital picture is adorable.

Love the Ergo shout out. I'm glad it's working out for you.

Outings are always fun at the start and later, I always wonder why we did it. Until a few weeks later, looking back, I think wasn't that bad and do it all over again.

Angie said...

I don't mind outings too much, with both Allen too anyway. I don't know why I drag both children with me SHOPPING. I don't like shopping to start, and neither do my children. The combination is not good.

And, yes, the Ergo is great. I only wish that I'd bought it when Ashlyn was little. I wasn't at all interested when I first heard about it.

The recital sounds awesome. You so can't control what your kids are going to do, but I would have died if my kid was the little angry one.

Poor Becca and birthdays. You'd think that she would have been all over that Snow White cake. Ashlyn LOVES birthdays. She was telling Bella tonight about her birthday cake, from what-6 months ago?

I'm done with Christmas shopping and have one more pkg to mail. My dumb thing is deciding to MAKE any gifts. I have gifts to make for Ashlyn's teachers and a stocking for Christopher. So, I'm reading blogs.

Grammy Bonnie said...

We all know how cute your kids are. But, Holy Cow, your parents are ADORABLE!!!!

Lost in Space said...

Danger Will Robinson

The Quinn Report said...

Goodness, you sure know how to tell a story! I've been laughing my ass off the entire time....I love it!

I almost bought the same Santa onesie for Tavin from Carter's, but opted for a 2 piece instead (not sure why.)

You look beautiful (as always) and can't even tell you just had a baby a few months ago!!

Tracy said...

I feel the same way about outings. There is just so much planning, etc. We were very happy to be apart of the party (even cranky pants Madison). Having visitors is so nice isn't it?

Jen said...

You guys look great! And Becca looks absolutely beautiful in that dress. Funny she wouldn't wear it for her party. Kids!

Andrea and Ben said...

Andrew - super cute.

you two - looked great for your party!

Becca - what a ham!! I think it is funny that you prepped her for the cake and she still cried. Is that mean?

Your parents - adorable.