Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogging Instead of Napping

Our guests have left. The house feels empty and quiet, if you discount all the screaming by our children. So, I guess it isn't really quiet. But, it definitely feels empty. It seems the inauguration was a success for Jane, John, Tony, their friend Tracy, and her daughter. They said it was crowded and there were a few moments in trying to get through the gate that it was claustrophobic and people were pressed all together like frigid sardines. The group got separated, and Tony and John (John's dad, not my John) ended up walking 11 miles. ELEVEN. Hello. The buses they were trying to catch were all full and not stopping. So, they just kept walking back to their friends' house where their car was parked. Just kept on walking.

They left our house at 4 a.m. on Tuesday and didn't return until 2 a.m. the following morning. So, everyone looked pretty exhausted by the time they left here, since there wasn't a whole lot of daytime sleep going on with the kids and their tendency to stomp and shriek!

I watched just about every second of inaugural coverage for the first time in my life. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the TV. And at 11 at night when I was falling asleep I still had the TV on hoping to catch a glimpse of some presidential dancing at a ball. John went to turn off the TV and I yelped "NOT YET! I haven't seen the dress yet!" I was obsessed.

Anyway, I took full advantage of having indentured servants at my beck and call. I left both kids at home and loaded up our car with 21 boxes of hardwood flooring, and had to tie the back door shut. The car bumper was practically dragging on the ground as I slowly drove through town with my hazards on, freezing my ass off, and cursing myself for not just paying the damn 100 dollars to have it delivered. (Upside: New floors next week. Holla!)

Last night we got to go out to eat at a REAL grownup restaurant (Bonefish Grill). I think it was the first nice dinner out I've had in months. It was heavenly. I had salmon with spinach, bacon and gorgonzola. Yum. The table next to us was a bit odd. The dad was sitting there, the mom was texting on her phone, the son was plugged into his iPod and staring at its screen and the daughter was reading a book. No one was talking to each other or looking at each other. It was strange. Oh well. I was perfectly happy stuffing my face and being waited upon.

So, the visit was a success and now I'm just waiting for Andrew to take a damn nap already because I can hardly hold my eyes open.


sgtsharp said...

11 miles holy shit thats a hike!
I was at work I watched all on line. we dont have a tv at work.

Angie said...

We watched quite a bit, but certainly didn't make it to any of the dancing, had to catch it on you tube. I keep singing "At last" in my head. I am not sure that I have ever watched much of the inaugural events before, just news recaps later. Of course, I also believe that I was usually at work or school during that time of day!

The Quinn Report said...

I had to tivo it due to Andrew scheduling his damn vasectomy during it all! He obviously wasn't thinking; or he was because the 1 1/2 hour drive to Wilford Hall was a breeze for the first time in my life!

Katie said...

Angie, I think you're right! IT was because I was actually HOME and able to watch it. Plus, I was very excited!

Noel, WOW! A vasectomy! I guess you're done with kids? We are too! It is a good feeling, isn't it?

Bevo said...

I watched every minute - was so glued to the TV that I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch.

Here's a treat! It takes some time to load, but it's worth it!

Andrea_Ben said...

I hate the feeling after company leaves. I have seen some "Notes from the Road" filmed at Bonefish Grill. It inspires me to eat there!