Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Travel Log: Hell

Hi, internets! I've been away. On a trip. To the GATES OF HELL.

Pop quiz: What does Katie fear more irrationally than anything else?

Vomit! Right.

This time it was me. Huddled in hell for 24 hours. HELL, I tell you. Nothing worse than the stomach bug.

The silver lining is that John was home and took care of Becca all day. Also, Andrew slept all day with me (I think he has some touch of it as well). And, when he was awake we just played and smiled at each other with no reason for me to jump up and attend to anything else. Yesterday was the first time I've noticed him reaching for a toy deliberately and bringing it up to his mouth. I spent a good hour just watching him do that, and had I been up and about, I would have totally missed that.

This morning things are looking better. I'm feeling much better, Andrew is acting more normal. I can't remember the last time I got this much sleep. In fact, I slept so much yesterday I could hardly sleep last night. My muscles have completely atrophied. And, is that a bed sore? Right there?

Time for my ritual Lysol disinfectant spray-fest. I'll check you later.


Jen said...

Oh, yuck! The stomach flu is horrible. I'm so glad John was home to help with Becca, because the only way the flu could be worse is if you have it and have to MOTHER children at the same time. Oh, and even worse of course would be if THEY have it, too. Gee, I'm a ray of sunshine this morning!

Natalie said...

I've heard that there was a bug going around here and I am scared, very scared.

Good to hear John was home! Thank goodness!

bevo said...

How could you pick that up from me when we're 2,000 miles apart? Must have been through sympathy. Good to hear that you are feeling better!

Angie said...

Thank goodness John was there to take care of everyone. Yuck. Glad to hear tha tyou are better at least.