Monday, February 09, 2009


OMIGOD. There y'all are! Blogger was down all day yesterday and I almost imploded. I barely survived. I didn't see how I could go on. Especially since I was here at home with a SICK kid and I was freaking the royal flap out and really needed to blog about it. Then I started hyperventilating about what if blogger broke? And all my posts from the last three years were just gone? And, then I passed out and fell down and didn't awake until blogger was fixed.

So, here was the post I wrote Monday night:

Well, I've been snapped out of my funk for a few days. It has been so refreshing. Becca is still winning the potty training war, though I did win one skirmish today! Victory will be mine, mofos! I don't care how many My Little Ponies I have to buy.

What a great day! We went on a walk and also went swimming at our gym's indoor pool today. Andrew went to the nursery and Becca and I had a good while just to ourselves. I do believe that is the first thing I've been able to do with just her since Andrew was born. It was really nice. She loved swimming and goofing off in the water. I loved being able to actually devote some quality time to her.

But, DAMN, do I hate indoor pools. Ugh. The chlorine stench is just overwhelming. Even after showering at home with everything scented I could find, I still reek of chlorine. It is seared into my nostrils for sure. My eyes are still watering and my head is pounding from it. Though, I was hoping that after Becca took a couple swallows, that it would kill off whatever is currently starting up with the the runny nose and cough (go away, you asshole virus!)

Then, Tuesday came:

.....And,surprise, surprise.... the virus took hold. I had to keep Becca home from her preschool Valentine's Day party. Oh, the horror. And she spent the day coughing so hard she barfed, dribbling snot all over everything, not eating and whining. She woke up at night covered in barfed-up phlegm and talking about a baboon in her room. My stomach started flipflopping and I started rehashing the two horrible illnesses of late 2007 and almost had a panic attack about it. I need psychiatric counseling about this. Seriously. So, John came home from a three day trip and pronounced me a giant freak. "She has a cough and a runny nose. Big deal." And I relaxed. Until 1 a.m. when I went to check on her (hacking up a lung) and she had a 102.6 fever and I decided to really flip out and panic. So, I didn't sleep much last night.

And now she doesn't have a fever anymore and is acting more normal. She's been exposed to strep recently. Do I take her in? God, I hate asking myself that, because I never know what to do.
I do know that I want to spend a good portion of my day rubbing my cheek against this head. Check out his hair!


Natalie said...

Love the new layout.

I did not know Blogger was down. Even if I didn't have something to post, it would have upset me.

My husband has no ability to comprehend what I feel when it comes to toddler antics and illness. When I mentioned that, while he was away, I had to pick pineapple out of Lila's hair (read: puke), and that I was up five times with her that night, he looked at me, confused, and said, "You're a mother. That's what mother's do." AHHHH. Whining about "motherly" duties is not allowed. That's why I blog. On the other hand, I need him b/c he always helps calm me down when I think a kid (or myself or him) has a brain tumor or something fatal. What would I do w/o him! He keeps me sane. I'd have been put away by now if it wasn't for him.

Your baby boy is so cute and getting big! Where did the time go!

Tracy said...

follow your gut, it seems to know every time!