Monday, March 02, 2009

The Hoopty Cancels the Trip

Last night the wind was just howling against the house. It sounded like it was hailing. It sounded like a violent snowstorm. This morning, John came back into the bedroom after getting up at 4 a.m. for his flight and said, "My flight's been cancelled," and got back into bed. I drifted back to sleep happily, glad he was still here.

I woke up at 6 to feed Andrew and to give Becca some more Motrin, but John wasn't in the bed. I figured he was already up and showered for the day so he must be downstairs. But, when I went downstairs I couldn't find him. Then I realized his car was gone. And, there was only about 2 inches of snow around here.

Turns out I'd dreamed it. (Now who is hallucinating?) He was already at the airport. And, by the way, his flight WAS cancelled, but he was put on another one. Damn.

Just in case I was still thinking I'd make it to Texas, John's car blew up on his drive to work. Because, of course it did. Of course. Something made a loud popping sound and now his car sounds like a motorcycle. He needs me to meet him at the auto repair place tomorrow night (or possibly to pick him up the side of the road if the car doesn't make it). So, hi everyone in Texas! See you sometime! Sometime when shit isn't all falling apart!

It is 7 a.m. and I am up eating leftover shepherd's pie for breakfast. It is the first time I've felt hungry in 24 hours and I want some real food. I get so worked up when Becca is sick that I don't feel like eating. Becca is reading in her bed. She still has a 103 temperature at the end of a Motrin cycle. She isn't doing the weird shaking stuff anymore (Thank the baby Jesus). Now she just seems like a normal, blah sick kid. Her cough has deepened and moved into her chest. And, weirdly, that makes me feel better. Because I am pretty sure the fever is from a respiratory virus or something. I am no longer worried that it is some freak illness. I'm still going to call the doctor when the office opens (48 more minutes!)Your comments made me feel SO much better about myself and my tendency to freak out when my kids are sick. Also, you made me realize that I need to just CALL the doctor and stop worrying about whether to call the doctor. That is so dumb. I just know I have that tendency to overreact, so I try to counter it by not calling. And that just exacerbates my overreaction and it is a vicious cycle. New motto: Break the Cycle. Call the Doctor.

Now I'm just taking bets with myself on whether the doctor's office will shut down for the day because (gasp!) it snowed. (Current bet: YES!)


Erin said...

I was thinking about you all last night and really hoping Becca turned the corner on that fever. I hope today is a better day (minus the freaking car incident! What are the chances?!). At some point, you can only go UP, right?

molly said...

I'm with Erin. Slowly, little Becca will improve. Snow will melt. Car will be fixed. You will get to Texas.

Much love...

Tracy said...

Just look outside, the snow falling has a calming effect!

Hope you have a MUCH better day.

Angie said...

Ack, one more thing. You should try to eat some tex-mex anyway. Surely there is something acceptable in Maryland?

Marie Green said...

Man, I'm bummed about you having to cancel your trip AND about Becca being sick.... so WAS the office closed?

Anonymous said...

Update please! Hope sweet Becca is better :) And good luck finding good TexMex in MD :)

Katie said...

Just got back from the doctor (it wasn't closed! I lost the bet with myself...)

It isn't strep, ears or bladder. Tested negative for flu, but the test is only 80% effective. The doctor was shocked it wasn't positive because she said it is classic flu symptoms. They did offer me an antibiotic in case it is walking pneumonia or one other thing and I decided to give it a try. So, she's on that. It may not make any difference. She should be improved by three days from now. THREE DAYS!? Fun.

And, Angie...NO! THERE IS NO GOOD TEX MEX OR MEXICAN within a 30 minute radius of us. Swear to God. What people up here SAY is good is just hideous to us! There must be something good in Baltimore, but I haven't found it yet. Our small town totally sucks the big one on restaurants though! :)

lisa said...

Yep- Im the same way. I freak out when the kids are sick-- particularly in the vomiting dept. I can't eat a thing either. I do the whole "take them to the dr. or not" thing too just because its no small feat to GET there in the first place and like you said- then to just been seen and be told its a virus. And it makes me crazy when the Dr. talks to me like Im some high school dropout telling me its a virus: "So...its just a're just going to have to wait it out. We can't give you any antibiotics because its just a virus.....and antibiotics wont do anything for a fact if we use antibiotics when they aren't needed that actually makes the problem worse.....and all you are dealing with is a virus so you wouldn't want antibiotics for that. So go home and treat your virus with some tylenol and motrin."

Im so sorry your Texas trip got put on hold. Especially the food part. Do you need a care package from Japan?? Maybe with some of those sick masks from the 100Y store? :)