Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

1. Some days I go from coffee, to Coke Zero to wine.
2. I am trying to drink more water. But usually it ends up being in tea.
3. I like water. I just am usually looking for something with some oomph--either caffeine or alcohol.
4. I love Bath and Body Works Vanilla Lavender scent so much that I want to marry it.
5. I find it nearly impossible to spend money on workout clothes.
6. I wish I had nicer workout clothes.
7. I look like a hobo at the gym.
8. But when I go to Target, I don't want to spend my money on workout clothes.
9. I love going to Target.
10. If I could have one hired-help person I can't decide if I'd want a full-time on-call nanny, or a housekeeper. I think I vote for housekeeper. But, maybe a full-time, on-call errand-runner would be the best.


Anonymous said...

I vote for housekeeper, but I am assuming that you are including housecleaning/snack-making responsibilities in that job title? Then, you wouldn't need a nanny, you could just have fun with your kids all day! Playgrounds! Cookie making (housekeeper must clean mess)! Going to the gym with no guilt (kids to the gym day care)! Then, you'd want to run your own errands, anyway, because they'd be kind of fun with no housekeeping chores to get bogged down by. Okay, I am getting out of control with this, plus depressing myself because I don't think I'll have a housekeeper in this lifetime :).
~Jenny in MD

Anonymous said...

P.S. How fun would errands be if one of them was to run out and buy cleaning supplies for the housekeeper to keep your house sparkling?
Ha! Come on, Mega Millions!!!!
~Jenny in MD

Swistle said...


lisa said...

OH yourself some workout clothes. You'll feel sassier. You can find some good stuff on clearance at Athleta.

joanna said...

Just one outfit for the gym might make you want to have to wear it enough to go to the gym when you otherwise don't want to. And I don't want someone to run errands for me - I want someone to go with me! Without the kids, of course.

Angie said...

I want a personal shopper. Except for home stuff and fabric, I could definitely see someone buying everything else. I don't know if I would really want that over a housekeeper, though.

Katie said...

No...definitely a full-time, live-in house keeper is what I want. Okay. Maybe not live-in, but definitely full time.

Meg said...

see if i had written this blog post #1 would have read "once or twice I HAVEN'T gone from coffee to diet coke to wine". Yes, water's healthy and all that crap...but I just have such a hard time drinking something non mood altering when there are alternatives. and now you see why my past is so...colorful.

Jen said...

Target. It is such a big vacuum for my money. It sucks it all up, every time I go there. Damn.

Housekeeper? Nanny? Hm. Right now, I think I would go for nanny. I don't mind doing some housework, when I'm not CONSTANTLY BOTHERED when doing it. Then again, I DETEST cleaning the floors underneath the kitchen table. Every Single time the children sit at that table, crap ends up on the floor. Every time. Ugh.

Grammy Bonnie said...

You've got Nana just down the highway from there. That gives you child care, housekeeper, and errand runner all in one ;-)

Nana said...

Yes, Grammy Bonnie. I am one super-efficient Nana. Katie just sits back and puts her feet up! We find that three adults per child works well.