Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Dear Fun Fact Friday Already?

Wow, y'all. I really am sucktastic and blogging these days, am I not? Here is why.

Not-So-Fun Facts:
1. Andrew has been sick for a week.
2. Croup
3. Double ear infection
4. Possible early bronchitis
5. I am going insane
6. Yesterday I listened to whining and crying continually for 8 hours
7. I'm not kidding. It didn't stop.
8. Until the babysitter arrived.
9. Then he was in a great mood, somehow.
10. I did what any woman would do: retail therapy. I think the pediatrician should say the following, "Your kid is sick. Virus. Croup. Ear infections. Molars coming in. Snot running like a faucet for 10 days straight. Hideous cough. No napping. I prescribe the following: hire a babysitter. Go out shopping. Buy some new clothes for yourself. And some shoes. Eat a nice meal out all alone. Then come home after the kids are in bed and drink a glass of wine in the tub."


Angie said...

I feel your pain. We have been cooped up with a stomach virus. It began and ended with Christopher, who just couldn't seem to kick the darn thing. Two weeks of sick kid! With Allen, Ashlyn, and I getting sick all on the same day in the middle. Hoping for no more sickness in your house and mine!

Katie said...

Angie, Dear lord that sounds me personal version of hell. Wow. I hope you all are done with it for good!

Jen said...

That sounds SO NICE. The shopping/eating out by yourself bit. Not the sick kid bit. Sorry about that part. I hope he is better soon, and that you found some cool stuff.

Natalie said...

Ha, love it! I'm sure we'll get sick at some point this winter. Especially b/c I didn't vaccinate against either of the flus. But, I'm still not too motivated to blog. Hang in there. You'll see me blogging about illness soon enough. Actually, Liv has a cold and I didn't bring her to her Winter Gala at school tonight b/c it didn't start until 7:00pm and I didn't want her around other, possibly, sick kids. So, basically, I whimped out.

Enjoy the wine, stay strong through the whine.

Natalie said...

I meant I loved the post about going out by yourself. Not the sick kid, obviously.

@Angie: My stomach got upset just reading your comment!

Anonymous said...
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