Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Time the Bus Drove Off Without My Child

We're back (again.) We had a wonderful trip and a Thanksgiving meal that is still somehow making me feel full days later. I took tons of pictures, and I will upload them this weekend. But, it somehow seems irresponsible to do it now, when the entire house is in shambles [see also: basement flood, two trips in two weeks, toddler].

I originally was scheduled for a horrible return flight yesterday with TWO layovers (keep in mind the two cities are only 10 driving hours apart) and 8 hours of air travel. [Thank you, frequent flier miles for being oh-so-helpful-and-cooperative.] It was a long story, but I found a better flight on the Internet using the same number of miles, but the airline (let's just say it starts with "D" and ends with "elta") wouldn't switch my tickets unless I wanted to pay a $150 fee. I'd already paid a stupid big fee to even cash in those dumb miles. I was irate.

But, John got on the phone, asked for their manager and convinced them to switch the tickets for free (My hero!) He told them it would be good customer service and everyone would be thankful that there wasn't an overtired toddler on board, including the passengers and flight attendants. SO TRUE! He said he did it because he didn't want to have to hear me after flying solo with toddler for all those ridiculous and unneccessary layovers! It was like they were trying to fly me to Fairbanks or something!

So, our flights were pretty good. Becca does fine on the actual flying portion, but struggles with the airports. She just wants to get down and drag her rolling Elmo backpack very slowly and zig-zaggy through the most crowded places, occasionally leaving it in the middle of the concourse and running off sideways to see something else, or sometimes just sitting down herself amidst all the crazy, hurrying travellers. And, she screams when I try to harness her in the stroller.

Overall I was feeling pretty good about how the trip went. Until (duh duh DUMMMMMMM) the long-term parking bus. I had an umbrella stroller with a sleeping child, an adult backpack, an Elmo backpack, a camera bag, a rolling suitcase and a giant carseat bag with a 15 pound car seat in it. And, I swear to you, I packed as lightly as possible...only one pair of shoes for me for the whole week! It took three trips from the curb to the bus to get everything on. No one moved. No one offered to help. Everybody glared. I hate them. Happy Thanksgiving you bastards.

When we arrived at our bus stop, I took Becca off the bus first, in her stroller, and put her up on the curb where she started wailing. I got back on the bus to try to get the luggage--again with NO helpful people-- when the bus doors closed and the bus started to drive off. (!) Now, guess what I did:
A) Sat down, pulled out a magazine and rode around the airport loop in peace;
B) Punched a hole in the bus window and jumped out, looking like Angelina Jolie; or
C) Screamed at the top of my lungs, "STOP THE BUS!"Started crying and vowed never to travel again.

While you ponder that, I am going to try to reassemble our house and figure out what I'm doing!


Tracy said...

I would have considered A, but since you just had a fairly good flight, and a rest for a few days (thank heavens again for grandparents), I am guessing either B or C. I am really hoping for B. Of course, I would be really bummed if I was correct because I wasn't there to witness that. People are just rude when it comes to traveling and helping. I would just like to smack them! Glad you are home!

Joanna said...

People are so mean sometimes! The more I encounter mean people the less I want to go out in public. Pretty soon I'll be a hermit. Hateful. But YAY John, and yay manager changing your tickets. Happy Thanksgiving!

Marie Green said...

The magazine option MUST have been tempting, but alas, you wouldn't want to be w/o her for GOOD, so I'm assuming you screamed your lungs out.

Can't believe NO ONE helped you!!!!

Andrea & Ben said...

Ahhh, and that ladies and gentlemen (and one bovine) is why I stay home during the holidays!!!

Lysandra said...


Jamie Lynn said...

Why does everyone help you when you're pregnant and not when you are traveling ALONE with a child?!! I just don't get it.

I'm with Tracy on wishing I could witness B but feel your response was indeed C.

Angie said...

I truly can't believe that NOONE helped you at any point. When I have traveled alone with Ashlyn and too much luggage, I've had so much help from strangers. One woman just grabbed my cart and said where do you need to go? She was willing to take my stuff wherever I needed to go. I guess since you've traveled so VERY much, you end up way more bad stories.

And, I'm guessing C, but B would have been much funnier.

Jen said...

How horrible! I hate it when no one helps you and you have children with you. Small children. Isn't that crazy?

Glad you had a good trip, though!

Swistle said...

I got panicky and heart-poundy just READING that story.

Laura said...

Oh. NO. Seriously? I can't even imagine how much more than livid I would be at that driver, not even to mention your fellow passengers. Whoa.

I'm going to guess that you screamed out a big, old fat "C"- loud enough to scare everyone else around you into paying attention. Good for you.

And two words about your luggage: bungie cords. They can be your best friend. Just let them.

Joel and Angela said... doubt!!!! Gotta love others when they offer to help. There was a time I traveled with Katheryn (2yrs)and Claire (3 months) by myself and the only people who would even think about helping me were men!!! Not other mothers like you would think. Then, when I was prego with Luke and had two kiddos by my side, we had to go on the tarmac to climb up into the small plane. I was first in line and also had a small suticase and asked the 50 year old flight attendant if she could put that by my seat (row 3!). She said she had to stay where she was "just in case someone needed help!" HELLO!!!! I have more stories but I will stop here.

Katie said...

Angela...that is AWFUL! You DID need help. What a bitch!

And, you are totally right. The worst person during the bus incident was this other mother who was travelling alone with two kids. She would NOT move her suitcase out of the way, so I had to yank this big freaking 40 pound suitcase up over my head to get off the stupid bus. BEEEYOTCH!!