Sunday, December 09, 2007

Birthday Girl!

The bad thing about a December birthday: The obvious--the proximity to Christmas and all things hectic and frantic. The 11 months of getting no presents.

The good thing about a December birthday: lots of good toys out in the stores. And, more importantly, it gets spread out over days and weeks since you end up seeing a lot of family around this time of year! The celebration just goes on and on!

Friday we had the playgroup over for donuts in the morning. I'd say I've changed since last year....I mean...donuts? We had twelve kids under the age of three. I'd say I've changed since July. Playgroup? At my house? And I didn't jump out a third story window or start drinking before noon! Witness the madness for yourselves. I love the kid on the end pretending to sleep.
Becca, Madison and Caitie. Aren't they the cutest?

Nothing like a good birthday tickle.

Later that afternoon, we went and picked out a Christmas tree in the rapidly melting snow. We decorated it (by we, I mean I decorated it while Becca tried to break all the ornaments and John surreptitiously slunk off to the basement). Then, we had leftovers and stuck two candles in Becca's ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to her and gave her a singing stuffed Barney, which she loved. Saturday, we picked Jo Anne and Jim up from the airport.

Sunday, we had a birthday party for Becca. Tracy and her girls came over and we had Jo Anne's famous macaroni and cheese, ham and peas. Then, Becca opened her gifts (major treasure trove!) and had her bunny cake. My mom used to make me a bunny cake when I was little and I loved it! I wanted to see if I could do the same. I couldn't find gum drops (do people not eat gum drops anymore? I know I don't) so it didn't look exactly like hers did, but it still turned out pretty well, thanks to John and Jim's professional cake decorating skillzzzzz. Becca initially smiled when we were singing to her, and then, once she saw the cake, started crying. Welcome to 2...the World's Greatest Mood Swing.

What happens when the moms have too much sugar and access to girly accessories

Tea party with Gee Gee

I love cake!

Help! I can't stop stuffing my face!

Becca had a GREAT birthday! I learned a few things, year's party will be during the DAY. Not in the crabby evening hours! I'm also going to add raspberry extract to the cake frosting!


Ugo said...

Happy Birthday Becca! It's Jenna. I know you've never met my little Sarah, she's 5 months younger than you and oh my how she looks up to you. She loves to sit on my lap and see your pictures and videos when I read your mom's blog. Your Christmas card picture is on our frig and when Sarah walks in she'll look up and say "Hi Becca!". Maybe you two were friends in heaven before you were born. Your mom and I have been friends for as long as I can remember so maybe it's in your DNA. 8) Happy Birthday Cute Becca!! Love you, Jenna & Sarah

Jen said...

Wonderful pictures! I can't believe you got all those kids to sit still on the couch at one time! I can't get my own 2 to do that.

Yay for birthday cake!

Tracy said...

I knew there would be a new post on here tonight. I was looking forward to the playgroup picture. I must add to the mom picture...We were even sober. Oh the things we do as moms. I put the girls' bows in my hair to keep from losing them when they take them out. Truth be told, I have been in MANY public places, returned home only then to realize they were in my hair the entire time!

Angie said...

What a great birthday weekend! And, I wanted the three of us to decorate our tree, with a Christmas movie on in the background. Ashlyn helped put on about 5 ornaments. Allen and Ashlyn watched the movie, while I decorated the tree.
I want cake!

The Quinn Report said...

I still can't get over the fact that she turned 2...crazy! Maybe for her 3rd birthday you can serve pink martini's. You know, get them started early!!

Joanna said...

I love the picture of you and Tracy! Looks like it was lots of fun for everyone. Apparently to me, Becca just wanted someone to give her the bunny cake already!

Andrea & Ben said...

Fun! I love the cake - you all did a great job! Happy Birthday Becca!

Joel and Angela said...

Yes, gotta love the Decmeber bdays. Luke thinks all the presents under the tree are for him. And I can't believe how dressed up your playgroup kids get!!!!! I am not kidding! Wow, what a fancy playgroup. But that picture is priceless. Can you believe they are two????

Katie said...

Angela...they aren't USUALLY dressed up like that. Normally they are all ragamuffin, but it was Becca's BIRTHDAY playgroup and I think they all dressed up for a party (even though we didn't have one!)They all looked so nice we decided to take a photo!

Marie Green said...

Happy (Ahem, Late) Birthday Becca!

Love the bunny cake.