Monday, September 15, 2008

Snapshots from Today

Some have a black belt....I have a black thumb. Check out my awesome tomato plant. And my sweet pea flowers that sprouted from seeds back in the spring. I think I forgot to water them for the last couple weeks. Oops.

But hey! I did accomplish something! I made a new family photo wall on the landing of our stairs. I plan to add and add until the entire wall is covered and it is the tackiest place in our house. John is just glad that I'm finally hanging things up in this house. We've lived here a year and a half and I still have pictures just laying up against the wall, unhung. And I have so, so many awesome photos to display and nowhere to put them. So, I hope I can add some more and make this my photo display wall. The only problem with the location is that visitors to the house may be drawn up the stairs to look at them and then continue on up to see how messy the bedrooms are. I need a sign at the top that says "TURN AROUND NOW!"

Now I need to have some bigger size photos printed out to fill the frames. I currently just have some place holder photos in there. Why does everything look so much better in 5x7 than in 4x6?

So I have to give a big shout-out to John, who is totally picking up all my miles and miles of slack. He went grocery shopping, took Becca on a walk on the town's walking path, did yard work, cleaned the front porch, washed windows and is now making dinner. I took a nap and got a haircut and eyebrow wax. Wow. Life sure is hard for me today! It is awesome.

Becca is currently yelling at her baby doll, "Go to timeout! You hit me! You go to timeout!"


sgtsharp said...

We've been in our house 12yrs. and we still have stuff we need to do.

Lysandra said...

Hahah...girl, tomato plants are supposed to be dead already. Some will still flower and fruit but I imagine they do that in warmer climates than where you live.

The Quinn Report said...

I love the photo wall! I have lists and lists of things to do like that......if I can ever get around to them.

Anonymous said...

KT - omg - i've been working so hard, i literally didn't know what month it was several times during the last 6. you're having a baby NOW (almost). YAY!!!! for baby names, i can see john's point with sophie. my absolute favorite name (ha - like i'll ever have a baby) is sophia. is that different enough? its a very regal sounding name i think. there are million classy well-known sophia and its not that common YET these days.

AND... i need your address please

love to you and your fam!!!

love, NK

p.s. where did molly's blog go??

Anonymous said...


(check out all the living royalty)

See also:

Anonymous said...

AND - i have the same black=-framed photo wall - i think its a great way to get many things you love up on the wall and yet give them some consistency. very mod of you.

Tracy said...

Love the new look.
The wall looks great. Where did you get the frames?

The Peregos said...

I love the picture wall. I have a wall waiting for the same but I'm not brave enough to hang the pictures as you have. I think I need some pre-connected picture frames to help me...what if I get off centered and I'm hanging a million frames. I'm not sure I can handle the pressure. But YOUR picture wall looks great and is inspiring. AWESOME!

Katie said...

Jenna, I know what you mean about them getting all off centered. I have had major problems with that in the past. These frames actually seemed easier for some reason. And they were Michael's. They are called Museum Mats and they hang straight and are affordable. I figured it I just put a million up there and didn't try to make it too symmetrical it would be okay!

Jen said...

Hahahaha! I love that Becca is yelling at her dolls, and the conversation they are having. TOO funny.

I love the wall of pictures. Very cool.

And just this week I finally hung almost all of our pictures. Only because we are having people over this weekend for Kate's birthday, and I can't stand the thought of family wanting to 'help' me move in!