Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Love Easter!

All these holidays just get better once you have kids: Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas. I love seeing Becca's excitement and joy. Mostly it is over candy. Although, she hardly got any candy because her parents are rather lame-o. She got a lot of pennies and stickers and sidewalk chalk. I originally planned to put Fruit Loops in the eggs (is that genius? If I do say so?) But Becca spotted the box hidden under blankets in the back of the car, so that plan went out the window and now she's constantly begging for Fruit Loops for breakfast. So, then I bought some Cookie Crisp cereal to put in the eggs. But have you tried that stuff? DIS-GUSTING. Just hideous. So, I'm trashing that now.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

How Becca got dressed the other day.
We had a fun weekend. Lots of discussion of the Easter Bunny. An egg hunt at our neighbor's house. We went to church this morning (my solo went fairly well, just some weird breathing things I did, but all the notes came out, so that was good!) followed by lunch out. Because nothing says Easter like a cheese steak. Going out to lunch is usually not a good thing for us, especially if Andrew hasn't had a good morning nap. This is what was going on on John's side of the booth.
Here was my side.
Is that really what my face and neck look like? Gads. But, all was not lost. The Easter Bunny brought me the most AWESOME present. A two and a half hour nap. Hallelujah! Both kids and I slept nonstop all afternoon. John doesn't believe me that every day isn't like this. I wish it were, but it makes it all that much more awesome when it does happen.

We rounded out the day by eating this. Because it just wouldn't be Easter otherwise.I do not know why I thought a 10 pound ham was a great idea for just three people. We ate two slices off it. Now I am drowning in ham. Guess we'll be having grits and ham tomorrow! Followed by grilled ham and cheese. Followed by ham salad. Then...ham balls? Or ham casserole? Or ham soup?

Another attempt at a famliy portrait. This time we managed to get three people looking and smiling, and only mildly OFF CENTER.

I managed to get most of the grease stain out of Becca's dress, so she wore it after all. But it was FREEZING here, so the sweater never came off. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Easter!


Natalie said...

Love Becca's striped tights outfit! Cereal in the eggs is a great idea!

The Quinn Report said...

I love your family portrait.... you all look so beautiful!!

lisa said...

You know what my favorite photos were.....(right)? Lunch booth. Touche.

Angie said...

Freeze the ham. Use it later for beans or add to green beans for flavor.

Swistle said...

Elizabeth has those same striped tights!

Fruit Loops in eggs = genius.

sgtsharp said...

Cute Pictures!!
I still love friut loops,beats the hell out of oatmeal anyday.