Sunday, May 10, 2009

On the Move

I have been so Crazy Busy lately that I have ignored you, Internet! And it isn't going to improve for some time. We are leaving tomorrow for Florida for a quick beach trip before heading back to Maryland. The whirlwind continues.... We've been wearing out the children.

Among other recent developments, Andrew is not only crawling, but now has three visible teeth. Two on bottom and only one showing on top. Which is kind of weird, if you ask me. He loves checking himself out in the mirror.My dad took Becca fishing. She caught 11 tiny sunfish and loved every second of it! Here they are showing off two of them (one is so small, you can't see it in her hand).
John and I took the kids on a "nature" hike, which included one scenic vista--of the highway.

For my birthday present, my parents volunteered to take the kids off our hands for 24 hours. John and I went downtown-- drinking and dancing and swimming in a rooftop hotel pool while sipping beer. It was heaven. (Except for the headache I had the next morning. Whoops.) Andrew refused any bottles, but would take milky oatmeal to sustain him. Apparently they all did fine and they all survived.

I'm back to packing, re-packing and packing again. Also, eating way too much. We just really miss the food from Texas--BBQ, real Tex-Mex, queso, spicy foods including ingredients like serrano peppers, Taco Cabana, Schlotsky's, Whataburger... (haven't gotten to that one yet. Gotta run!)


sgtsharp said...

Its always a good thing to wear the kids out.
And its always nice when Justine & I have a whole day to our selfs ( really rare)

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The Peregos said...

Happy Birthday Katie!...tomorrow. My little David is turning 5 on your birthday. What a great day. I don't think he'll sleep tonight he's so excited. I'm sure you feel the same way ;). Well, even if you're not as excited, happy birthday! Great pictures, great post. Thanks.

sgtsharp said...

HappyBirthday Katie!!

Angela said...

Looks like you are really enjoying Texas now!!! Getting out and exploring :)!! We are all over whatever it is we had now. Sorry we missed seeing you last week, but we will catch up with you next time. The kids are just precious! I hope you had a great Mother's DAY!

Jen said...

Yay for you! What a great present your parents gave you. I want that present!

Hope you have fun in FL. Enjoy and relax (if you can!).

Jen said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

Bevo and Lost in Space said...

We more than survived!

We thrived!

Tracy said...

did I forget to mention we REALLY miss you over here in these parts? Caitie looked at me and out of the blue said, I miss Becca, can we go see her?

sgtsharp said...

Ok Katie its thursday I need a fix here??
: P

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