Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How I resemble Mr. Rogers

I have this blue fleece jacket. And I have a problem.

I love it. It is nice and long, it zips all the way down the front, not one of those annoying three-quarter length zippers. It has zippered pockets that perfectly hold my cell phone and keys. It is soft. It is warm. I wear it every day. I can zip it all the way up to my chin if i want. It is the most comfy item of clothing I own. It is from Land's End and is very high quality.

And it matches my eyes. So, whats the problem you ask?

John hates it.

He says it is like the ultimate "I have given up" look. Who? Me?

Maybe just a little bit. It is starting to resemble Edith Bunker's house dress. It is so ubiquitous. It is always on me. And I wear it over my pajamas and old sweat pants...

As soon as I walk in the door, off comes my jacket and on goes the blue fleece. Home. Warm. Comfy.

So what if I look like an old man most of the time. Is that so wrong?

Well. Ok. Don't answer that. Do you think if I buy a new one in a totally different color like magenta or red it would make us all think I am trying a little harder? I guess it's worth a shot......maybe I should also look for some indoor blue Keds like Mr. Rogers used to pair with his cardigans!


Natalie said...

Too funny. I had a purple coat for the longest time that Matt hated. So, I can relate!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

Just buy some TOMS and they will replace the Keds idea. Then you can tell John you are being a responsible global citizen and helping provide shoes for others in need.
You would look great in red too. And I love the "matching your eyes blue"! I think it is great. Love this post!!

Grammy Bonnie said...

Beautiful eyes, though. Who wants a red fleece cardigan to match their eyes?? Yuck.

Bevo said...

DO NOT throw it out! I have been known to borrow it from time to time. Comfort is the deal.

lisa said...

I have this black cardigan from Gap that has earned the nickname "little blackie." I used to keep it at my desk because my office was always freezing. I thought it was the *perfect* essential wardrobe item. A black cardigan goes with everything right? PC HATES little blackie. He's tried to put it in the get-rid-of pile more times than I can count. And yet every single time I grab it out of the box. I can't seem to part with it. Keep your fleece, you have my support.

sa_grammy said...

It is like comfort is good anytime. Hang on to it. (or hide it and find a $1,000.00 replacement) :) or just keep on being yourself!

Angie said...

You aren't wearing this in public, right? So, no big deal. I wouldn't replace it, because I like the color, too!