Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glorious Gray May

May. Ahhhh. Finally. Finally. It is warm(er). We can go outside. The annoying spring of drip and shiver is mostly over. The tulips are done blooming, actual annuals can be planted outside.

We can eat outside on the screened in porch that I love. The porch that convinced me to buy this house.

When we first moved here the weather seemed so mild compared to Alaska. But after living here for a few years, it seems the winter is getting longer and longer. This past winter. Jesus. I swear it went on FOREVER.

I'm so relieved it is over. The kids are back outside looking for toads.

Baby birds are hatching under the deck.

(a peek through the floor boards)....one egg, two baby birds.

We can have people over and send the roiling masses of children outside.

We can make giant messes on the deck.

My homesickness isn't so severe this time of year.

in other news, it has been another year of continual jet setting. I do so love to jet set.

Because of this:

(preschool graduation, complete with ridiculous caps and gowns and a roomful of helicopter parents),

....our traveling days are about to become quite restricted. I'm dreading that! In the last month we've been to South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida....

I got five days all to myself at my house which is my ultimate fantasy. Jane and John kept the kids in SC and I was in total heaven....organizing closets and drawers, rearranging furniture, watching movies, taking naps, running about 196368 errands all by myself. Every mom should get this. It should be written in ink and signed in blood before a single child is born.

--we interrupt this blog post to clean up yet another pee spill---

It has been one of the best months ever. I'm posting a ton of pictures that I plan to stare at for hours this week as I embark upon potty training with a forecast of nothing but rain all week. Rain and pee. Coming down.

With Jo Anne and Jim in Florida

Florida. I like pina coladas.

With Papa John at a Nature Center in North Carolina.

John's Aunt Betty...first time I got to meet her! Beautiful lady!

Easter in SC.

Playing with Papa John in SC.

Fishing in Florida.

Mother's Day in Florida

Boat captain.

Petting goats in North Carolina

Great Uncle Jack getting award in Tennessee.

My birthday.

Happy days! Happy late spring/early summer.

Now for the mantra of the week: he will make it to a potty at some point. He will make it to a potty at some point..........


Anonymous said...

Or, as I was assured, you've never heard of a kid going off to college in diapers. And "they" were right. Possibly the added peer pressure of a potty-trained sister will motivate him, too. Best wishes,
(Great) Aunt Linda

Katie said...

At this point I just need him trained by the fall so he can go to preschool!

Bevo said...

As I always say - get Cousin Betsy to stay with the kids and go off to China for two weeks. By the time you get home, he will be trained.